Saturday, August 14, 2010

Many Things to Celebrate!!!

In my life now, there are many reasons to celebrate and be thankful for. Last August 8, we hosted a 5 in one simple party in our Bedford home. This i dubbed as the First Party as i am very sure there will be lots of parties i will be hosting on this lovely home.

We had been thinking to baptize Baby Ali in the Philippines but the schedule was so tight by then with all the paperworks and other stuffs and we figured it out why not?Since Coco was baptized in Scotland and Cam in the Philippines why not Baby Ali be baptized in Canada? So, we did it, baptizing Baby Ali in the Bedford's St. Ignatius Catholic Church.

The Christening was officiated by Father Pat Cosgrove and attended by Godparents and our supportive family and friends. The community welcomed Baby Ali and together with his Baptism, we also renewed ours. His godparents are: Mr. and Mrs. Al Brown, Mr. and Mrs.Nathan Scott, Amanda Hillier, Naty Agdeppa, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Craig, Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Donasco and Mr. Salvador Senarillos. May Baby Ali grow up to be a good boy, full of love and full of wisdom.

Now, another reason for celebrating is the blessing of our new home. In Canada, they call this a Housewarming. In my country, when we transfer to a new home, we invited a Priest and let him bless a new place and offer a prayer. We call this House Blessing. I did both --- we had housewarming and house blessing! I would like to thank Father Pat for coming to our place after the baptism and blessed the Father (and mother) of the house, blessed our home and our new van. I feel so blessed after that!

Now, another reason to celebrate is the birthday of my husband, Scotty and our middle child, Cam. Cam's birthday was actually July 28 but since we don't know anyone as playmates for Cam for now (we are only here for over 2 months), it is not practical to have a kids' party for him. So, we decided just celebrate his birthday on the same date as Baby Ali's christening. He did enjoy that day --- opening lots of presents and eating his birthday cake before the dessert time!!! For Scotty's birthday, it was August 10, but since it was very close to August 8 and since he don't want to do anything on his day, we celebrated his day on the 8th.

The last but not the least reason to celebrate is that: August 8 is always a special date for us. It is a date we had been engaged last 2002 in General Santos City, Philippines and wow it was 8 years ago!!! Two years ago, we had a second wedding in Canada dubbed as the 8-8-8 wedding. So, August 8 is a very special date and it is just worth celebrating!!!!

Before i end this post, i just would like to say thank you to all the people who made the party a success --- our chef extraordinaire, Winston; my sister Phoebe; my friends Coney, Ate Lourdes and Kuya Chris. Thanks to the Godparents, the Officiating priest, Father Pat Cosgrove and to my ever-supportive family and friends. Most importantly, thank you, Lord for letting me experienced a wonderful family life. There are just so many things to celebrate and You let me experienced it all!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seeing Pat and John

It was 2002 when i first met Pat and John, a lovely couple who are like family to us. Pat is the cousin of Scotty's dad, Terry. Because of that connection, i always call them Uncle John and Aunt Pat.

Scotty had known Pat and John for ages. Scotty told me that they always come to the lake cottage and spend time with them on the summer. Now, as things changed, circumstances changed, not only Scott will see them whenever they are here in Nova Scotia, but also us...

2002, i first met them at Windsor, Ontario where they live. I was then pregnant with Prisco. We went back again to Windsor, Ontario (2004) when Coco was over a year old and saw them. And then two years ago(2008), with new baby in tow(Cameron), they were on the lake property in Annapolis valley and we visited them again.

Just recently, specifically, yesterday, before they will go to Prince Edward Island with Sharon,Meghan and Katelyn, we spent time with them and they were delighted to see the newest addition to the family, Baby Ali. It was good to see Peggy as well, Aunt Pat's sister.

This is the Aylesford lake in Annapolis Valley that we went yesterday where Pat and John and family were relaxing or reflecting or entertaining family and friends. I fully agree that this place is heavenly. Some lucky people could buy property near this lake, developed this property by making lake chalets or lake cottages. In this spot, there are woodlands that make you feel you are in the other part of the world as it is very quiet and very private. Aunt Pat's dad, the late Dr. Albert MacPhee, bought a property here, developed it and his offsprings had enjoyed it in many years. We enjoyed our stay here as well, no matter how short it maybe! It is always nice to meet genuine people...

I want to thank Pat and John for always a very welcoming couple in this world. They are people whom i feel the positivity in life despite the sorrowful things that are uncontrollable. They are people whom i admired and respected. They are people whom you always want to see even if you're tired, or busy, or hungry! God bless you, Uncle John and Aunt Pat. God bless your family!