Thursday, July 3, 2008

Spotting Spittal of Glenshee

Established 961 AD... historical, a must-see in our lifetime, unbelievable...

Here are the Highland Lovers...and the Glenmorangie single highland Scotch whisky...

Prily on Holiday

Hello, friends and family! It is now the exciting start of summer for me. I will be off from the Blogosphere and will do lots of touring around. My inlaws will be with me as we discover many captivating castles, mysterious rivers and basins, vibrant cities and sumptuous foods. We'll have many, many other things to see and do --- a river cruise, a wildlife encounter, an encounter with other nationality, a taste of a foreign food, a glance of wonderful gardens, etc... etc...It will be a really fantastic and enticing summer for me...

Likewise, we'll be off to Canada on the 6th of July to spend more time with relatives and friends. We will be there until the 15th of August. Yup, surely it will be long summer holiday for me.

I will be missing our "planet" here. But i will get back to you once i will be back again in Scotland.

Take care,my friends! God bless us all, everyone!