Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goodbye,Brother Louie,Louie,Louie!!!

This song reminds me of a grown-up lad named Louie. Brother Louie, a very popular disco song of the 80's keeps on repeating Brother Louie, Louie,Louie in the chorus of the song. Yes, i had known someone named Louie and he might not even been born on the 80's...

He is a very energetic, idealistic laddie with an infectious smile. First grandson of award winner local government official, the only son of his family, the first male local youth chairperson (Sangguniang Kabataan) of our local government. 15 years younger than me, this youth leader has a clear future of being another leader one day, contributing good developmental projects to the youth of Barangay Labangal and General Santos City as well and even the Philippines in little way. He continued the projects and programs i had started before --- scholarship program to the poor but deserving students, sports development, anti-drug abuse campaign, adolescent development program, etc... etc...Ah, i miss those times when i was a very active youth leader and seeing the dynamism on the next set of leaders after you gives you an inner connection.

So, last december of 2007 (i know it seems like yesterday), i bonded with the local youth. The photo here represents three youth leaders in different generation. We had bowling tournament and we had a fun time. The beauty of youth is that energy and vigor is just beaming and giggling and laughter is always around. I could not forget that time and i could not forget this photo.

Over a week ago, i was shocked with a news : Louie died in a vehicular accident. Up to now i still cannot believe it. Just a split of a second, his life was taking away from him. So terrible... The youthful Louie, his smile and his face just like that will be what we will remember of him. Such a tragic loss of life to his family and friends and to the community. My condolence to his family. I know it is a really terrible time.

Rest well, Brother Louie,Louie, Louie! We'll treasure the memories we had with you. You'll be forever youthful in our hearts.