Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What We Did Last Summer?

The air is now getting colder, what a change of season! Before we know it, the hot summer is gone. Well, am back after almost two months of going around. I want to thank you for visiting my site even of my absence and i have to admit that i am missing the Blogosphere. But of course, i know, i know, there are lot of many things than blogging, but what the heck, i will blog again, anyway...

But what did we do last summer that i was really sooo preoccupied? Here is the list:

1. I travel with my kids and my in-laws. We visited the Royal Deeside of Scotland, saw Inverness which is the capital of Royal Highlands, saw one of our most favorite cities in the world --- Edinburgh, the lovely, very clean and amazing capital of Scotland, and saw Glasgow and any other villages/counties around Scotland.

2. We travel to Canada. We flew from Glasgow to Halifax and from Halifax to my husband's county --- Hant's County, the place of the highest recorded tide in the world. We travel to Fredericton as well, one of the cities of New Brunswick, Canada. In there, we attended the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my husband's Great Aunt.

3. Visit relatives. We love seeing my husband's family, most especially Grandparents.

4. We got married. Yes, again! It was not easy to get married. Lots of things to be considered and that is why i have to be away right after Prisco's Nursery school was finished. Getting married means making invitations, book for the venue, book for the photographer, choose the food, choose a band or a DJ, choose a wedding gown, a wedding shoes, Groom's tuxedo and the outfits of the wedding party, bouquet, boutonnaires, etc...etc... I will talk more about it next time.

But all in all, what an amazing, long, summer holiday! Here are two photos which i want to share for now: