Monday, March 31, 2008

Gratefulness & Friendship Tags this Springtime

Sometimes negative energy envelopes us. It does happen to me sometimes and later i will realize, life is beautiful to be dominated by a negative attitude. I wanna thank my friends who always remember me especially in their tags. Because of the many tags that are lined up, i can't decide which one to make. But i am grateful to you,my beloved friends for tagging me and thinking of me. My thanks to the following who tagged me this month of March:
Lynn,Juliana, Tricia, Earth,Mimay, Marie, Wendy,Kerslyn,Marites and Norms.

Oprah said that she has a gratefulness journal where she records 5 things to be thankful for everyday. I never had such a journal! And if i wanna list the things that i'm grateful for, the list is unending.

Foremost,i am grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful, meaningful and healthy life; my beloved husband, Scotty for spoiling me and loving me to the max; my 2 kids---Prisco and Cameron; my family here in the Philippines and in Canada; my relatives and friends all over the world and to everyone who touched my heart in one way or another. I am grateful to all of you! May the season of spring brings lots of opportunities to us!

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Pharmacy Technician Education

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Packing:Constant Part of Expat Life

Everytime our things are packed it signifies only one thing : we're on a move again. The idea excites us because it means traveling again!
Last 2003,we moved from Scotland to Sabah. 2005 from Sabah to Terengganu. 2006 from Terengganu to Davao(because we're not allowed to go with my husband to Chad,North Africa!It was a rotation job and it's better for us to be in the Philippines since i was also pregnant that time(And Chad is not a family location!).Now, April 2008 and Baby Cam is 8 months old and Prisco just finished Right Start Level 2 from TumbleTots, so timely to be back again in Scotland.
Now, isn't it being an expat also like a pingpong ball?hehehe!But it's fun,really it is...despite the travails of traveling, we are loving it and appreciating it. Now, i have to finish this post(before the connection gets down again!). Gotta sort out what to bring and what will not . This is never ending sorting!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Customer Care With No Care

I'd been away for some time because my internet connection had been down. It was terrible---can't update my blog, can't chat with my husband, all the things that i wanna do online i cannot do). I understand that sometimes shit happens!(Am sorry for the swearing, but i do swear sometimes when my patience reached its boiling point!).
My connection had been down since last Thursday. I'd been waiting and waiting. I called the friendly and lousy customer service representatives (dialled 171,172,173 whatever numbers i could grasp!)...all with the same answers: your problem had been reported,you'll expect an answer between 24-48 hours). Okay,i said. So, i went to General Santos City till Saturday and has to answer the people on my message board last friday in the internet cafe. Saturday i came back in Davao. Turned-on the PC, still no connection and talked to the same lousy customer care representatives. Today,very first thing in the morning i cannot control my anger anymore and wanted to talk to a person with authority who will hear no stories and make utmost attention. So there... A woman with blubbering mouth complaining telling how upset i am and that i am a good customer,paying my bills ontime(almost 4,000 pesos a month! just for this bloody internet and i really don't care about the price i pay as long as the service is outstanding!) but didn't get the best service. Oh well, enough is enough...i confronted and evaporated like a volcano...
Lessons learned:
Sometimes in our country,if you'll not be cruel or aggressive,people will not give you the best attention that is possible for every consumer.
Custumer care is so lousy. Actually, they had been useless all the way!
I pity myself: because i think i got some wrinkles getting angry over these things!hehehe! But who cares? As long as i am fighting for my rights--- for a better service. Now,the connection is back and so is my good mood! ( sometimes things like these,no matter how tiny really made me sweat!). It's not nice but i just want good value for the good price that i am paying!).
Oh,well i am going to UK few days from now. I'm sure customer care there is better. I am just hoping that customer care in our country will improve. Quality service in our country is still very far behind compared to other countries like Canada(which by the way the quality service is commendable!). I wanna come back here next time in our country and hopefully will be happy with the customer care representative that i will be talking. Atleast, i will not have these few wrinkles that i have now! Now, i have to smile a lot again and get rid of these!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bloggerwave is Waving at Bloggers!

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Cooking School Just For You!

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kids' Easter Party at NCCC

I have no idea there is this Kids' Easter Affair at NCCC Mall not until i do my grocery shopping at their supermarket . Guess,sometimes we're just at the right place at the right time. Prisco and my youngest sister,Pearlysoul are very excited. Baby Cam doesn't know it yet,but he's "in" for a good time! Miss Bunny Rabbit is the gracious host of the party.
All the kids and the mommies are having fun(uhmmm,times like these made me think how i wish i will be a kid again! I never had this experience when i was small! But i guess,i am reborn through my kids!). Anyway, the whole afternoon of fun consists of the following: Magic Show,Balloon Twisting, Parlor Games, and Mascot Parade.

Prisco is very focused with his task. Coloring is very good for his motor skills. He even colored 3 bunny rabbits! Not bad for a 4 year old!
Look at this photo. Had you noticed what happen to the egg Prisco is holding? He ate the half already! Seems obvious...look at the table!
Easter is associated with eggs and rabbits and sweeties for the kids. And look at how Baby Cam is making a mess(Prisco don't appreciate this!). Guess he also likes to eat the egg!
My sister Pearlysoul won the coloring contest. Prisco is very proud to be a participant eventhough he didn't win. Do you think he'll win if they also have toddler's category? Look how big the other participants are! I think he's the smallest!
And here are the 3 bunny rabbits Prisco had colored. We have fun! And Baby Cam? He slept half of the program!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Mass of the Pope

What would you feel when you hear the mass of the Pope? You feel the sense of Holiness as well. You feel so complete, so peaceful, so content, so happy, so special, so human, so lucky, so blessed...I can't express how i felt. My emotions are so overwhelming that i just cried and just hugged my husband!

There are always thousands and thousands of people who will be attending the mass. If you really want to get a seat near the Pope, you should go very very early. When we went it was Thursday and the mass started at 9 am. Even if we only saw Pope Benedict XVI more on the screen,the clearness of his voice,his mere presence in the vicinity,it was more than enough to make our trip so memorable.

Now that it is Lenten Season,i am very sure that thousands and thousands are flocking again to see Roma. Even if you're not a Roman Catholic,you will feel the Holiness of the place.

I love Roma. I love Italy. Why? I will tell you more next time. Have a blessed and reflective Easter to all!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

On The Hill Far-Away

Today is Holy Friday and in the Philippines, as a predominantly Roman Catholic country, we have our own version of Pilgrimage. Today, i woke up early & went with Auntie Lilian & his family to Shrine Hills in Matina,Davao City. I'm not originally from Davao but my companions are pioneers of this city and they're doing this ritual every year,every Good Friday. So, i went with them,contemplated and observed(and they do have different atmosphere here in celebrating Lenten Season).Back in my hometown,General Santos City,it is very quiet and old-fashioned...

Anyway,there are 14 Stations of the Cross,namely:1)Jesus is condemned to death;2)Jesus takes the Cross;3)Jesus falls the first time;4)Jesus meets his Mother Mary;5)Simon help carry the Cross;6)Veronica wipes the face of Jesus;7)Jesus falls for the second time;8)The women of Jerusalem weep;9)Jesus falls the third time;10)Jesus is stripped of his garments;11)Jesus is nailed to the Cross;12)Jesus is raised up on the Cross and dies;13)Jesus is taken down from the Cross;14)Jesus is laid on the tomb. These fourteen Stations represent the Passion of Christ.(To have bigger image,please click the photo).

So,we started our walk of course from the First Station. There are so many people and this will be up to the whole day today.Most of the people are bringing candles and they will light each candle from station to station. It's probably 5 to 8 minutes walk from one station to the other(and it really depends how fast you walk!).

In every station,people will stop and pray.After few minutes they will continue to move on to the next station.

You might observe here that some people are taking advantage of the situation.There are so many business-minded people that are selling everything---toys,fans,food,water and beverages,accessories,clothes,etc..etc...(it's a good chance for these small and medium businessmen because all the malls are close today!).I am just wondering if i can bring my husband here the next time? He is claustrophobic!

I can't believe it's like fiesta in some point here.Some places in Cebu(but not in Bantayan Island where they have food---especially roasted pork called lechon and lots of drinks the whole day!) and other parts of Luzon celebrate Lenten season in a very old-fashioned way!Some people even nailed themselves on the cross!(I should have a pic of that one when i went to Cavite one time!)

And finally,we reach our destination...

Each place has it's unique way of celebrating their faith.I grew up a Roman Catholic and my father is a very conservative Roman Catholic. But i also married a Baptist.We respect each other.
I want to end this entry with what the famous French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal said,"HEART HAS ITS REASONS WHICH REASON DOES NOT KNOW."Faith can only be felt by the heart,never with any reason.That's why science and religion can never get along very well!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prisco's Early Days in Scotland

Our Dependent Visas arrive today from the UK Embassy in Makati and I was extremely delighted.So this means my time in the Philippines is limited.My first son,Prisco Samuel was born September 12,2003 at Aberdeen,Scotland .We spent most of his early months there(from birth to 7 months) although in between those months we keep on traveling vice versa Canada,Philippines and anywhere in the UK.We are looking forward to go back there and live there again .That will be for 3 or 4 years( our visas indicated that it will expire till 2012).So,this means there’ll be lots of time to see more of Europe! This is an expatriate life and though it is stressful sometimes the rare opportunity to travel is a great blessing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Small Feet,Big Leap

Yesterday was an important milestone of my 4-year old toddler,Prisco Samuel.I know we miss his Dad who is working away in the NorthSea…but anyway,yesterday was their Moving Up Ceremony at Tumble Tots International-Davao.I am a proud mom because he finished this school year(2007-2008) as a well-rounded kid. His social aspect is excellent. He became self-confident. I was so worried before because he used to be very shy.But oh now,he is good in dealing with his classmates and to all other people. I don’t expect him to memorize lots of theories.As a matter-of-fact I just want him to enjoy learning through playing.I congratulate you,my son Prisco!You’ll be reading this blog when you grow up and you know that I am very proud of you!I know you’re looking forward to your new school in Kintore,Aberdeenshire,Scotland but I also know that you’ll be missing your friends here in the Philippines,most especially your classmates and your teacher,Teacher Pat. I want to extend my sincerest thanks to the people in Tumble Tots International(in the photo with us is Ms.Joji Ilagan Jao-Bian,the founder of Tumble Tots Philippines). We know we made a good choice in choosing your school.To you,my son,remember our special words?I love you so much!Again,Congratulation and you still have a very long way to go!

I Signed Up for PPP!

Hurray,mi amigos y mi amigas, I am now officially one month in the blogosphere! and I am enjoying it here and thanking all the nice people in this neighborhood. I can be myself here. I can write the things that I love while at the same time read what other’s want to share. This is the life in blogosphere, all are intertwined. We’re like brothers and sisters here! And my experiences here are really worthy because of you,my precious friends! Thank you guys,you are simply great!

By the way, I learned recently from my cousin Lynn that there is a cool opportunity for newbie blogger like me! Imagine you can get paid to blog?Excellent! So, I give it a try. Anyway, who doesn’t love a little bit of a boost once in a while? As a stay-at-home mom like me, we need a little bit of a sideline.It just feels good if you have your own “little” income. So, my friends,this is my very post with PPP!You don’t need to be blogging for 2 0r 3 months here in PayPerPost.Thank goodness that there’s no too long a wait!So, for newbies like me.Try this yourself!.It’s a great opportunity and a rare one to miss!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Are You a Vulture or the Photographer?

A bleak , heart-breaking scene of a child starving, collapsing due to famine,due to starvation,due to extreme poverty and a stalking,hungry vulture ready to attack his prey. If you are the photographer what would you do on that particular moment? Would you rather save the child or would you rather take the photo?

Of course the famous and fearless photojournalist, Kevin Carter took that Award-winning photo last 1993 in Sudan. He got a Pulitzer Award for it in 1994. But few months after receiving the award, he committed suicide. Probably, he was haunted by the horrific images of Sudan especially the image of that dying,thin as a stick child with the vulture stalking him.

I post this photo because i keep on thinking about this image in my mind. I am asking myself am i the vulture? or the photographer? How would you interpret the photo yourself? In the Philippines, this week is called Holy Week. So, this photo might help us reflect a little bit of ourselves especially during this Holy Week Celebration.

My interpretation: the child represents extreme poverty,war,disease,etc...The vulture represents selfishness, power, fear, injustice. And the photojournalist? He represents opportunism. He represents many of us who sometimes doesn't care what others feel as long as our goals will be fulfilled even if we step on others' feet. Somebody who has the capacity to help but seems so blind.

The picture has huge impact on me. How about on you?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random Thought About Me

My cousin Lyn tagged me about 10 Random Thoughts About Me while my friend Shiela tagged me about 8 Random Thoughts About Me. To make the matter simplier, i am going to tell one random fact about me(sorry for the modification, my great blogging buddies!).

I love surprising people most especially the people closest to me. Example 1:My Indonesian friend in Malaysia really likes Filipino "leche flan",a kind of dessert that my friend likened to a caramel.She loves and loves it a lot. Last January,i went to Malaysia to visit her. She can't believe that i carried in my hand a caramel dessert that she's really craving for .I hadn't told her that i'll gonna bring her some.Oh, you should have seen the surprise expression on her face! And yes,she ate the leche flan everyday for one week!

Example 2: I remembered long time ago how my friend Peachy likes Regine Velasquez a lot. So,after long time that we hadn't seen each other i visited her in General Santos City(the home of Manny Pacquiao!) last December carrying something for her kids and a Christmas card for her. I put them all together in one gift bag. We chatted and then she opened what's inside the bag---the last of the present was unexpected--- a CD Collection of all Regine V's songs(all songs featured in all her movies). She hadn't had that one and you should see that expression on her face!Not to mention the big scream of OWWWW!!!

There are lots of instances that i surprised people and i cannot tell it all here. I just really love that surprised expressions! This is me,sometimes i am very spontaneous!

Now, i am passing this random thought to my new blogging friend Wendy. Thanks for being such a nice person to me in the blogosphere.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

KL's Power

I was enamored when i first arrived in Malaysia last 2004.Such a beautiful country with one of the most beautiful airports in the world!But i don't wanna talk about their airport this time(that would be another blog!).

The Petronas Tower or the Twin Towers---the most visible landmark of Kuala Lumpur just took my breath away everytime i'll go to KL.It is the symbol of Malaysia's splendor, pride and honor as a country.Between 1998 to 2004,the Twin Towers was dubbed as the World's tallest building surpassed only by Taipie 101 last 2004.The nearest hotel connected to the building is the Mandarin Oriental & we just love this spacious hotel!It is also very convenient to shop at one of the biggest malls in Malaysia---the KLCC Suria,not to mention the super-nice park called the KLCC Park.Prisco just spent lots of time here!From the park,you just walk going to the renowned Aquaria---an oceanarium that can be compared to that of Singapore's Underwaterworld,Manila's or Hongkong's Ocean Park.

I know i will blog many things about Malaysia because i had stayed there for 3.5 years.From Sabah to KL from KL to Terengganu.And now,i am becoming nostalgic thinking about this amazing place in Asia. I'll be coming again,Malaysia!And the next time that we'll come back my new Baby boy Cameron will gonna play and waddle in the park!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Parentless Parenting

With me in the photo is Ate Mary & she has been an Overseas Filipino Worker(OFW) probably almost 20 years or more. She does look younger than her age which was 55 last 2006. I met her during our 3.5 years of stay in Malaysia. She got 3 grown-up children who grew up without her. Her husband had been unfaithful to her & thus her kids had been cared for by her siblings. The last time i spoke with her she told me that she had a problem with her youngest daughter who got pregnant & thus had stop schooling. Hence,Ate Mary got desperate because her efforts abroad seemed worthless.

The other photo with me is Ate Judith,in her 40's. I met her in Sabah & she had been working to & fro Brunei & Labuan. Like Ate Mary, she's also separated from her unfaithful husband. They got 2 kids who are being taken cared for by Ate Judith's mother back home in Zamboanga.

How many of our countrymen are going overseas to work & find the so-called greener pastures? How many families had been broken because of the thousand miles that can't be coped up or can't be strengthened with even the latest technology? Is the money worth than the time we hadn't spent with our kids whom we hadn't witnessed some of their milestones in younger life? On the other hand, what shall we spent if we stay in our country being overworked & underpaid?
Yes,family bond may be threathened but the growing pressure to provide for a family is the main reason why there are OFWs. Skyrocketing prices---from tuition fees & groceries to housing & utilities---have put too much strain on breadwinners.

It had beeen pointed out in a paper read at the Filipino Migrant Conference in Athens,Greece last 1997 that among the children of migrant wokers,incidents of drug abuse,deliquency,early pregnancies or marriages, & child abuse are increasing. Children also manifest strong materialistic values & they become overly dependent on money & gifts from overseas.All these point to a weaker thread in the fiber holding the OFW together.

This is a great challenge of every OFW family: making the family intact despite the distance. COMMITMENT is very,very important. Nowadays,one way of strengthening the family bond is through the use of technology---webcams,e-mails & cellphones.Making use of these modern gadgets may somehow alleviate the boredom & the desperation of being afar.

Working abroad is really a matter of choice. It really depends on each family how will they work out to build a strong home.After-all family is a basic institution that determines the strength of a nation.At the end of the day,it is the family that we look forward in coming home.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Night Sky of Paris

With the panoramic view of Paris all around you,with the enigmatic,vibrating charm of the sights and sounds of the city plus the mesmerizing view of the Eiffel Tower plus with someone who holds you tenderly forever(not mentioning the succulent dishes!)---all these and more are more than what anyone can wish for in celebrating a natal day. Yes,my 31st Birthday(October 2006)--- another surprise from my darling husband---a special fine dining at "Le Ciel de Paris" right at the top of the city's tallest building --- the Montparnasse Tower. The name of the restaurant is synonymous to that of "the Sky of Paris".It was my first time to eat "hare a la royale". And oh,Yes, i wouldn't forget the foie gras!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Shiela's Sincerest Soul

How much does each breath costs? Is it worth all the kinds of gold in the world? or the money in your bank account? a lavish Gucci watch? chic LV shoes or bags? loads of jewelry in a safety deposit box? Each day is very precious...Each breath is priceless...

Here is the story of my cousin Shiela who extended the life of another person by another year. No,she's not a nurse or a registered carer. She's a high school undergrad and her rich employer prefers her than anybody...not even her family...

My first cousin, Shiela---22 years old. I first saw her when she was 4 or 5 years old in an impoverished province of Negros. I saw her again last week. She evokes honesty, ignorance & the purest of the souls i ever encountered.

She came to Manila when she was 17 years old & worked as a helper to a very affluent Chinese family in the Philippines. Her kindness,sweetness,hardwork & honesty brought her endearly to the closest attention of her madam---a woman in her 50's---beautiful,sophisticated,high class,got a husband and 3 kids, and she got only a year to live. With secret cameras circulating in the big mansion where she's working,the Madam knows that her maid,Shiela is the most special one. So, she asked her to take care of her than taking care of some household chores assigned to her. And much to her delight,with my cousin's care together with the medical professionals she hired, her life is more than complete. My cousin,who is not a doctor,nor a nurse or a professional carer gave her the best medical service anyone could give. My cousin just gave her an extension of her life with that one last year the happiest ever. She died embracing my cousin---her happiness,her lifelong friend,her daughter. She often said to her,"I can only feel the love of a daughter through you..."

She died putting Shiela as one of the heirs in her Last Will & Testament,much to the dismay of her children. But my cousin left the splendid household after her death,leaving also how much might she got from that piece of paper. She never cared about the material remuneration. That's nothing. She felt that she also lost a mother & that life could never be replaced. Now,her memories,their memories will be with her forever.

I spent one whole day last week with my cousin. And with that one whole day,all that she'll blub and blub will be about her employer. When it was time for her to go back home(she lives now in Bulacan, 3 hours from Manila) my mom can't help but notice her nice,good quality shoes. My mom said,"Can i try?" My cousin said,"Auntie, if your feet will fit into it,i'll give the shoes to you." But of course it didn't fit! My cousin called me and wanted me to fit as well. I said,"What is this?Cinderella Story?" But she insisted and let me try it on. I said,"okay." And to everyone's suprise, the shoes just fit perfectly as if they were crafted for me. And when i look at the brand? It's an LV.

I knew then that the shoes came from her madam. She wanted to give the shoes to me because it just fits me perfectly. I don't wanna accept it because i know of the sentimental value the shoes is for her. She keep on insisting and said,"Please,Ate i want you to have it. I still have many shoes like this in my house & some i even gave to our relatives in the province. This one i want you to have it,please take this for you to remember me. I prefer rubber shoes than heeled shoes!"

Of course, i have it and of course even without the shoes i will always remember her. Her story just captivated my heart. The positive energy that she radiates, the unconditional love in her, the unselfishness & ignorance in her that you can only see in a child---these qualities are rare in a person.

I know that you cannot choose your relative. But if i'll gonna choose a cousin again in my next life,I'll gonna ask God to give her to me....And yes,she did have her comfortable rubber shoes!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grandiose Great Wall

It looks like a huge dragon that is zigzagging,criss-crossing over the mountains and then hovering,flying towards the sky. It might be likened to a flying eagle turned upward or a silver snake dancing over the hills. This is the Great Wall of China but it does not only belong to China, it belongs to the World since it is a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. And yes, China is indeed very lucky to have such lasting,persevering monument.

I can't imagine how many poor people died just to build this great engineering feat which involves rebuilding and expansion for over 2000 years by over 30 empires across a long span of history! It might be 2 million people?3 million?4 million? nobody ever knew, but scientists believed it is more than 2 million. What a great sacrifice of lives! And the result? It became a world wonder.

My family visited it last 2005 and till now my mind is still in awe. It has always been the symbol of China---the symbol of the world's sleeping dragon.According to astronauts Neil Armstrong,Jim Lovell & Jim Irwin, the Great Wall is visible from the moon.Would you believe it? More aptly said, it can be seen from the Earth's orbit.

I love these lines about the famous wall...
"The wall stands silently--enduring the passage of time,of greeting the change of seasons. If the wall could talk, it would have many stories to tell. If you listen long enough, maybe you will hear one."

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Flying with my Wings

With two kids in tow,i know traveling is not that easy!Passing through security checks,checking-in,carrying lots of cargoes,and the most important cargoes---my kids,i guarantee you that travel will be travail at some point. This makes traveling so stressful. My new baby boy at 5 months old had his first flight with nation's carrier,Cebu Pacific. We had to go to Manila last December to apply for his Canadian Citizenship. I know i can go there myself to apply carrying all those documents,but i wanna see the thrill on my baby's face while flying,plus my first child,Prisco is just crazy about flying(he'll probably be a pilot one day and who knows Baby Cam also?).

And his first flight?Just an amazing experience! You know i hated standing up right away when the plane landed(and it hated me most when people turn on their cellphones right away in the middle of landing and while the plane is in taxi!). And so, i just waited and when it's our turn to get up with not so many people anymore,we said hello to the pilot and the crew and told them what a great first flight for my baby boy. And then, i asked the pilot if it was possible for my toddler to take a look of the cockpit,you know just a little peek because i know how curious he is about planes. And to my great surprise,the pilot said to us,"You wanna go and see and let them touch the buttons?". I said, Oh,really? That's okay?" And,definitely it was 100%okay. You can see by the photos i posted how my kids had enjoyed the moment. And so, i would like to thank the kind pilot and his co-pilot by being so courteous. You just made my kids incredibly happy!

I enjoyed it myself! The tiredness just disappeared. That first flight of Baby Cam was just amazing. And another amazing thing? I just got the chance of taking photo of the plane's tail with the beautiful sunset on the background.(I just adore the sun so much!).I can't ever forget that moment. I am soooo lucky to have captured it! Holding two kids, it will never be an excuse that you can't take an image of a once-in-a-lifetime scenery. Surely, i would find a way!(How i did it? It's my secret!).

Marching this March for Awards

At first i am hesitant to grab these awards because i still have much to learn in this blogging thing. But at almost two weeks of blogging, some people had read what i wrote,some people reflected on it and some people had appreciated what i had done. And that seems great! And that's why i wanna start this 1st day of March by marching and grabbing these awards.

And i wanna thank these people who are very supportive to my early endeavor as a blogger---to my cousin Lynn . Thanks,my dearest for being my mentor and for always being there whenever i need any help. I appreciated what you had done! Kudos to your blogging career!(I wanna shop,shop,and shop---sky is the limit for the Credit Card Award!).

To my new friends Amor (for the Red carpet Award) and Lalaine(for the Cup of Friendship Award) and to all who had added me in their Friends' Lists, thanks a lot,mi amigos, mi amigas,mi queridisimas y mi queridisimos!(Ug diri na lang ko kutob kay dili ko gusto magbalak diri!hehehe!)

To everyone,have a marvelous month of March!