Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scott and Prily's Octoberfest!

There are two major occasions last October that we had celebrated --- my birthday and our wedding anniversary. So, i invited my close neighbors and good friends here in Scotland to join us with our simple feast and "get together". My good friends, Mario and Sally helped me with the cooking. They are good nurses but equally good cooks. So, we feast on Filipino dishes such as Pancit Canton(Noodles), Afritada, Caldereta, Chicken Curry, Vegetable Lumpia(Springrolls), Beef steak, Fried Rice, Biko, Seafoods --- succulent big prawns and escabeche (sweet and sour fish), arroz valenciana, paella, chopsuey, maja blanca and pininyahang manok(chicken with pineapple). The party started at 6 pm until almost 2 in the morning. We had lots of fun. We had videoke and lots of dancing, and of course, lots and lots of eating. We are lucky to have a big lounge area to accommodate lots of guests.

Here are some of my beautiful friends who stayed until the wee hours of the morning: Cheryl, Joy, Sally, Mario, Tenny, Shiela, Mark, Jane and her daughter Isabel. Thanks for those who joined us until almost 12 midnight: the loving couples Ruchelle and James and Auntie and Uncle Derek. To my neighbors who got kids and stayed until 11 pm, thanks so much for coming. I am so pleased they loved the Asian/Filipino cuisine.

Here is our Anniversary cake. Prisco blew it for us while Cameron is busy playing with the other kids... What a party!!!! Not only that the grown-ups had lots of fun but also the kids as well.

Before i end this entry, i want to give special thanks to my husband who made this party possible and i want to thank him for doing dishes after the party is over!!!! My everdearest, you rock!!!!

Officially 33!!!

Over a week ago, i said goodbye being 32, although i am not really bothered how old i am since the time i turned 30! But now,i am double 3 and as my husband said, "you're catching up on me and you will never catch me!." My husband is over 34, going 35. But, oh well, it is not a big deal.

The big deal is this: i am 33 and is happy, is content, has peace of mind and on the best of health. I am 33 with no debt or financial liability. I am 33 with possessions i do not imagine i can have.

I am 33 and i got a wonderful, very loving husband who spoiled me to bits, caring me so much, beholding me as his equal. I am 33 and got 2 adorable boys who blessed me in many ways unimaginable.

With these things, i am so grateful. Nothing more i will ask for. I have families that care for me. I have friends that greet my day.

On my birthday, although i keep telling them, i don't need anything, still i got something --- cards, cash, jewelries, perfumes. Thanks for the best wishes from my families and friends.

I thank God for all the blessings i received. I am very grateful for everything. I know that there are lots of uncertainties in life but i would say i am a very lucky woman who had faced lots of trials and tribulations beginning at an early age and had survived those.

I am 33 and i am taking things easy, one day at a time, one step at a time.

Again, i am so grateful and thankful. Thank you, Lord for making me the kind of person i am now.

I am now 33 and the journey is still long and although sometimes the road will be bumpy and rough, i will remain happy and confident because i know there are lots of happier, more exciting times ahead.