Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy B-Day to the Coolest Father-In-Law!

Today is a special day for a man who is handsome,passionate,sturdy,resolute and smart. He is a jack of all trades and a master of many things. I am a proud daughter-in-law to have him as my dad. I know that sometimes he's quite tough and strong but i know that deep inside he's a lovable person who cares so much for all the people closest to him. I know you think he's on his 40's but no and i'm not telling how old he is! He is always young at heart.

Dad, if you are reading this blog, you know what's my wishes for you. I just wanna thank you for accepting me to be a part of our family. I wanna thank you for treating me as your real daughter. Dad, we care for you, love you and think of you today and everyday. Have a wonderful birthday!

Monday, February 25, 2008

After-all, They Aren't Chocolates at All!

When i was still a kid i thought that "Chocolate Hills" in Bohol was really brown,sweet and yummy. So when i grew up and met my husband, Scott we both went to Bohol and discovered that those hills are not man-made(unlike the real chocolates!Uhmmm!). They are actually weathered formations of a kind of marine limestone on a top of impermeable layer of clay. These 1268 hills(probably the exact number of hills) are amazingly almost uniform in shapes. And the shapes? They look like giant moles and some say they look like women's breasts. This tourist attraction in Bohol, i believe made Bohol very famous. That's why the Boholanos considered these hills as great miracle from God because without these miracle hills Bohol would might just remain as a sleepy town.

These hills which range from between 30-50 metres high are all covered with grass. Sometimes when the dry season is finished this grass will all be withered making the color chocolate brown,hence, the name is derived. But of course when it is not dry season the color of the grass will all be green and will that mean the name will become Green Hills? Nooo...still it will be "Chocolate Hills." And yes, they're not chocolates, indeed!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the Break of Bohol's Dawn

One of my favorite images---a beautiful Bohol sunrise taken while exploring the beautiful beach of Panglao Island,Bohol. It is one of my sexiest photos taken by my husband. It was taken during the time that i was naive and no knowledge of how to pose in front of the camera. But well, i think the final product is amazing. I love the sun and i love watching the sunrise...I am always a morning person and so if there'll be lots of money raining from heaven on the break of the day,i'm sure i can have loads and loads of them. But these pics are more than money---they are golden memories when i was still on my late 20's, no baby yet, and yes,very well taken!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Planting Memory at Plantation Bay

One of our most romatic get-aways ever happened here at Mactan Island,Cebu,Philippines. With the stunning 5-Star treatment at this hotel named as Plantation Bay Resort, we as guests found ourselves at awe of what they can offer. I feel proud to be a Cebuana and i feel proud how beautiful Cebu is. My Canadian husband upon our arrival at the hotel called his family right away and told them he can't believe how beautiful this place is! And now i understand why Enya put "Cebu" in her lycrics of the song "Orinoco Flow." After-all, Cebu is flowing with magic and charisma (and so are Cebuanas! Hay ka-bisaya dyod na ko uy!). And one more tip about Plantation Bay : tipping is not allowed! But blogging about it will be a big bonus! I just did!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Promise in Pearl Farm

Did you cry on your wedding day? Had u been sentimental? We did. We had these pearly-like tears of happiness that finally we'll be together. Tears of joy,aptly said because the two now became one. We got married at Pearl Farm Island Resort, Samal, Philippines. That's the reason why the island will always be very special for us. The sublime atmosphere on our wedding day, the very relaxed and vibrant ambiance, these and all will make our wedding day very unforgettable. That was more than 5 years ago and with the years that had passed, we had our ups and downs and still we're getting stronger. That's why we'll be having our renewal of marriage vows this coming summer in Nova Scotia, Canada. We are looking forward to that day and i am looking forward to make a blog about it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Special Samal

Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), the complete nomenclature of a bracing seaside city located at the heart of Davao Gulf simply blew us away when we visited it the first time last 2002. Since then, it occupied a unique place in our hearts. We toured the island, we tasted the food, we mingled with the people and we knew that we'll always go back there again and again. There are many resorts that can cater to everyone's standards and personally with my family, we always frequented the Barcelo Pearl Farm Island Resort and the Paradise Island Resort. If you're in Davao, Samal Island is just a gaze away, a merely 10-15 minutes(45-50 minutes if you're going to Pearl Farm from Waterfront ) ride from Davao city via motorboat or ferry boat. I'll definitely bring my new baby boy next time(my first kid, Prisco had been there last 2006). I bet Cameron would love the boat ride as Prisco did! He might not yet appreciate the beautiful scenery(or he just might!) but the fresh, clean tropical air will make him drowse to sleep...Uhmmm,i can't wait to go back to Samal, an always,always special place for us.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A-Days,B-Days and C-Days

ABC's may sound like very basic things but they are also very important. Call us corny, lame, cheesy, tiring, uncool or whatever but me and my husband's secret for keeping our relationship on the go is remembering special occasions and celebrating them as much as we can. Or if we could not be physically together on that date, we celebrate them on the date that is more favorable, although it is a must that we greet each other on that particular day.

Anniversary days are very important and so are Birthdays and Commitment Days(the day we commit ourselves with each other even before we got married! i know it sounds corny!). V-Days(Valentine's Days)...uhmmm...not really that much because for us everyday is a heart's day and that each day is a courting day(uhmm,i know it sounds corny again!).
We got married 19th of October and so, every 19th of the month is a special day . Same is true with Commitment Days and the date of our birthdays.

Well, since today is 19th of February, today is an A-Day. We already greeted each other. It might be corny or tiring for some, but for us it is sweet,passionate,real and one of our secrets to keep our relationship on the go. I love you,my Scotty! God bless our relationship! God bless our family!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Lady In Red

I love that song by Chris de Burgh entitled "Lady in Red." But why did he chose lady in red and not Lady in Black or Lady in Blue or Lady in Green? Was there something special about Red?

Red is an attractive color for babies. Hence,since i delivered my baby boy six months ago, Red is always a dominant color in my house and a dominant color for me. I think it helps with our bonding since he'll be staring at me longer.

In symbolism, Red is supposedly the first color perceived by man. Brain-injured persons suffering from temporary color-blindness start to perceive red before they are able to discern any other colors. Neolithic hunter peoples considered red to be the most important color endowed with life-giving powers. Protective powers of the color red against evil influence were common belief. Red wedding gown was en vogue in Nurnberg of the 18th century, but this tradition goes back to roman times: Roman brides were wrapped in a fiery red veil, the flammeum, which should warrant love and fertility. Greek, Albanian and Armenian brides wear red veils even today. Chinese brides are wearing red wedding gowns and are carried to the ceremony in a red litter. The bride walks on a red carpet and is greeted by the groom who lifts her red veil. Neighbours bring red eggs to the couple after a child is born. Red rose in Greek legends symbolizes love and infidelity.

I am passionate about red color, although i think i have almost all the colors in my closet. But since this month is February, the month of love because of the Valentine's Day and the month of celebrating the Chinese New Year, Red is often a festive color. I believe that this color brings good luck and fortune although in fashion, wearing red can add some weight and heavy on the eyes. Oh well, what the heck if it adds more inches ,this February i'll be wearing red and i'll be wearing it with a big smile on my face. Am sure my baby boy will notice me and will coo some more because of delight! But wearing red on a wedding day? i don't think so!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cinderella Story

Contestants in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant talk about POVERTY as if it is an easy subject. But i don't think they really realize what it's all about as they never become one of the poorest people in the world. Rich people born in a silver spoon like the celebrity socialites Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie pretend to live a simple life in a television show but they really couldn't fathom what's simple life really is .

But Cinderella knows what poverty is all about. She understands the plight of the masses as she is one of them. But she also understands the business of the rich as she'd become one of them as well. Cinderella knows the transition from being a "have-not" to a "have". She could shop in a very expensive boutique but can also appreciate the beauty of a street market. She can order a lavish room service in a 5 or 6 star hotel but can also eat in a quaint food stall. Such is our Cinderella here.

She is born in the Philippines with no house, no car, not enough clothes and not enough food in a day. But she survived and had realized that actually in order to live, you don't need anything! What she got is guts to live & a steering determination to persevere in this "unequal society". She will walk to school with shoes not her right size as those shoes are just being handed down from her fortunate relatives. She could not pass her school requirements on time 'cos her parents will buy food first than other things extra. She even experienced one Christmas with no food on the table. On an exchanging gift activity for Christmas Party during her elementary school years, she would end up getting her own parcel as her "manita" would never want her gifts as the gifts of her well-to-do classmates were better than hers. She just went home & cried. So,at an early age she started to find work to support her studies and help her family, especially her little siblings. She became a laundry woman, a saleslady, a nanny, a tutor, a gardener, a housemaid, a library assistant, to name a few. If not with the public education and a scholarship grant from the government, it would be impossible for her to finish her education. Alas, after all the hard work, frugality & perseverance, she did finish her bachelor's degree with flying colors.
But she's always a happy person. She's always ready to lend a hand. The most important of all, she's always contented with what she had, counting her blessings , appreciating them no matter how minute they are.

Cinderella is always like that. Maybe that's why God has been good to her. But our story couldn't be complete without the arrival of a Prince, a Prince whom the fairy God mother had sent to rescue Cinderella from the harshness of life. Unlike any well-to-do gentlemen of today, this Prince from Canada is a very simple man. Perhaps,he,too never realized what real poverty is, not until he arrived in the Philippines. This Prince is a world traveler, a man of science and a lover of nature. He'd been around the world taking glances to many beautiful women, but none of them had captured his heart. There must be a mystery why a simple Cinderella captivated the heart of this Northen Prince. Yes, the mystery of LOVE. At first Cinderella was hesitant for his offer of affection, or does she'd just been playing hard to get? But it's never difficult to love a Prince, especially this handsome, down-to-earth Canadian Prince. Can Cinderella resists his charms? his magical embrace? I don't think so...

With that first meeting of Cinderella & the Prince, the Prince on returning to his kingdom would never fail to call her everyday(no wonder the consul that interviewed Cinderella in the Prince's Embassy was shocked by the 1,200 pounds = 120,000 pesos phone bill every month! Visa approved right away!). Evidently, the Prince is so inlove with her. Perhaps,because she got this sense of humor that would make the Prince laugh. Perhaps, because of her silliness and natural sexiness that for him is intriguing. Or perhaps because Cinderella taught him the other side of life that the Prince and other wealthy people had never experienced. Or perhaps,all of it!

Not long, Cinderella & the Prince got married. Their love for each other made them a very happy couple, if not the happiest couple in the world. Now, Cinderella knows what it is like to live like a Princess. But a special portion of her heart will be empathizing with the poor, the needy, the orphaned, the childless, the widowed, and all the other victims of poverty and abuse.
And just like any other fairytale stories, Cinderella & the Prince live happily ever after.