Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grandad's 80th Birthday!

This is Grandad Larry, 80 years old last April 15, this year. He is the grandfather of my husband Scotty and i considered him as grandad as well. Gramie Joyce, on his birthday party wrote lots of adjectives for him such as : Darling husband, Good neighbour, Sweet Uncle, Radical dad, Awesome great grandad, Good friend, Loving grandad, Terrific brother, and Bestest brother-in-law. Probably, i would add, the Blueberry guy, the survivor, and although he will not show it, an affectionate Grand-father-in-law.

The first plan was: made a big party for him in a hall, but he declined that idea. He is not really up to a big party. He just wanted to stay in the house and have a nice, simple, more personal lunch or dinner with family members . I cannot blame him for that, as he preferred a very low profile occasion and he is really not up to talking to lots of people on that day. He wanted a very relaxing birthday, not a
stresssful one! At 80,he survived lots of health problems even a cancer. So, he is really so lucky and well-blessed.
We know how special is the 80th Birthday for everyone, especially to Grandad Larry who we loved and adored, so our birthday gift for him is for us to be on his birthday. Hence, we flew from Scotland to Canada, most especially to be on his special 80th birthday. We know Grandad was very happy and we had a wonderful time. To you, Grandad Larry, many, many birthdays to come. Cheers to goodhealth, goodhealth and goodhealth!!!

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