Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spoiled-Rotten in the Philippines?....


Okay, i would admit it, i miss being spoiled by my mother and sisters in the Philippines. They are always there when i needed help for taking care of my kids. I think one of the reasons why there are lots of kids in my country of origin is because there are just so many hands who can hold the kids and the nanny fee is not that much.
But, oh well, i am an independent person and i never grew up to be a spoiled brat. As a working student, i know how to handle crisis situations. I know that everyday is a survival of the fittest and that everyday is a learning experience. I am happy i grew up a hardlife because i have very high tolerance level with regards to pain and punishment. Ah, punishment, what a harsh word!
And here in Scotland, taking care of two boys plus one big one, hehehe, is never easy. It is very stressful sometimes. You know, no help at all --- cook, clean the house (ah, oftentimes it's just a mess!), send Prisco to school, play with the kids, read stories, give them a bath, change nappies, feed them, wash the dishes, do the laundry, iron the clothes, etc....etc... These are like routine chores. i still can't believe i did these all? hehehehe!
Oh,well, life is a struggle... the thing is : i might be tired sometimes doing these routines but inside my heart, really, i am happy i am doing these! Unbelievable, with all the lots of household chores, i can still blog?hehehehe. That's the beauty of life --- there's just time for everything.

No Call List - Reverse Phone Lookouts

In my life, i always value privacy as much as i also value other people's privacy. I am so glad to hear about this Reverse Cell Phone Lookup . You know, oftentimes, we got a call, we are rushing to get it as if it is something very important and lo, it is just from someone we don't know selling us something. Sometimes, it is upsetting, isn't it? But i am happy to learn about or the - "National No Call Registry" and we can track up who's calling us. This really helps us attain peace of mind. It is just something we really need.

Building Babies and Parenting

There is no right time to get pregnant. Once we got married, we anticipated that we will make a family. When we got married last October 2002, we said that we'll gonna have a baby after 2 years. It didn't happen as planned because i got pregnant after 2months! hehehehe. But, anyway, we felt sooo excited and at first, we even planned to have four kids, but really, after considering the costs and the high standard of living, really, we said, "one is enough and two is too much!".
So,anyway, i got pregnant again for the second time last 2006, but that baby was not meant for us. That was a big story in my life... Anyway, that means having a baby is not at all easy. There are lots of struggles, lots of sacrifices(because we sacrifice our lives when we get pregnant!), lots of things to be considered. With faith and strong heart (because it is not good to live in fear), i got pregnant again the third time last year ( 2007) and that's the reason why i stayed in the Philippines for a year --- to give birth to Cameron John.
Now, we are here in Scotland as my husband works international. Scotland is not anymore a Greek to us because we had lived here before right after we got married last 2002.
Anyway, having babies mean buying lots of baby stuffs. It really depends on us how much budget we set for it. In my nuclear family that i grew up,, i am the eldest of eight and we never have the luxury of nursery items i am giving my children now. But really, if we can afford to spoil our kids a little bit, why not? My husband works very hard to provide for me, to provide for my kids(and even my family back home) and they might as well enjoy the fruits of our labor.
Since i am often alone with my kids here in Scotland, nursery items, although optional in parenting, for me, is a must. You know, there are no other hands here to carry my baby when it is time for me to eat, so a high-chair is a must.
I can eat and so does my kids, all of us in one table(that is if daddy is not at home. And yes, he is not always at home!).

And what if i need a shower? Which is never optional in my life! hehehehe. Because it is a must. So, an entertainer like this one is needed.

I sometimes put this one in the bathroom, and as i am having my shower, i am looking at my playful baby. Prisco is always watching his baby brother. But really he is just too young to be trusted!

So, with these items, i can blog a little bit! hehehehe! Oh, well, parenting is never easy. It is a job that you can not make a resignation letter! It is stressful, challenging, but it is also entertaining and rewarding. After-all, babies grow up so fast!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Car Seat : A Must

When i delivered all my boys, during the journey from the hospital to home, i put them straight away to their car seats --- that's their first seats. It is a must! As parents, it is our ardent responsibility to ensure children's safety while travelling. Using a car seat and booster seats for our older kids is the best protection we can give to our children whilst travelling.
You think that the most expensive car seats or most expensive booster seats are the best? Nope, they are not. The best ones are the ones that best fit our children's weights, sizes, and ages, as well as our vehicle. So, trying the car seat or booster seat before buying them is the best thing to do. That's what we do and look at how Baby Cameron is enjoying the car ride with his new car seat. Cool! He's so comfortable with his head and his whole body being protected. And that's very important.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Having a Baby is Expensive --- Part II

Here in United Kingdom and in many affluent countries, people don't want lots of kids, some can't even afford to have one. And for those who really want will consider their budget very well (unlike in the Philippines where many just get pregnant without realizing the consequences!).
The cost of baby cots, baby prams, car seats, high chairs, nursery items, baby slings, baby clothes, baby toys, baby foods, baby nappies, not to mention the high cost of childminders, are horrendously increasing. If i will convert what i had bought here into pesos just for baby stuffs, i probably would have lots of Louis Vuitton bags now. hehehe. But really, what the heck!
In a place where your mothers, aunties and sisters are far, you just need many things to make your baby occupied. Back home it is very easy to hire a "yaya" or baby sitter and it is very cheap. But, here, no way, if i'll get a baby sitter we'll gonna be bankrupt after one month! So, anyway, my husband told me, we'll get anything that will atleast help me with the baby---things that can occupy Baby Cam for a while to give me a break also.
This one surely occupies his time...

Prisco is enjoying our shopping in Mothercare World.

A very good baby cot is a must. We have this Winnie-the-Pooh bed.

Now, we really don't care how much we spent. We need these stuffs. Now, having a baby might be expensive but the experience of being parents is priceless.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mothercare World

You can find Mothercare World worldwide. Their products can be found everywhere because of good quality. Mothercare is part of a chain of shops selling children's clothes and nursery accessories as well as a wide range of maternity wear.
This is where i bought most of my baby stuffs and many of my stuffs when i was still pregnant. Some of my old stuffs are even being handed down to my relatives back home and they are still very good. From maternity tights, maternity clothes to baby bottles, to baby pram, baby cot and some nursery items, Mothercare is the best place to be and i love shopping there. I think the best reason i can give is that the products are the best quality and you can just see a wide variety to choose from. You get the best value of your money. Though, honestly, i would say the prices are really high. But if you prefer quality than quantity, this is the best place to go. My baby pram which i had with my first born i bought many years ago is still good and dandy and now still being enjoyed by Baby Cam. Neat, isn't it?

Here are some photos inside MotherCare World here in Aberdeen, Scotland...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Having a Baby is Expensive---Part I

Recently, We went to Mothercare World to get some stuff for Baby Cam. I would tell you the prices of baby stuffs are surging soooo high! Look at this baby pram, if you gonna convert the 513.99 pounds into pesos it will be more than 42,000 pesos. My husband said, you can get an old car in the garage for this price!hehehe! The baby pram i got from Mothercare 4.6 years ago was more than 200 pounds and it is still okay for now, so, i don't wanna buy a new one. The most important for us now will be the car seat for Baby Cam and his high chair.
But i love shopping at Mothercare World. I will tell you why next time...

Are You the Next Top Model?

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Bonnie Scotland --- Part II

I love the rural sceneries of Scotland and i love the idea of how clean the air i breathe. I am far from pollution, far from industrial factories, far from the sounds and sights of a busy city-streets. We always need a variation in our life. Going to a countryside trip is one of that... Here are the photos that i will be sharing... Ahhh, i am inlove with this view --- the crisscrossing of trees in a not-so-busy highway. Oh, how lovely! I always love trees and by looking through it, i am looking at lives that might be reincarnated on it. Ah, just my silly thoughts... Really, trees for me are lovely creatures on earth that best explains the balance of life... the beauty of life... the "green earth" and on this photo the "brown earth"!.

Ahhh, the farmlands --- that farmhouse away from the busy town. I don't know how wonderful life it could be to live peacefully there in my rocking chair when i get old one day? Ah, just one of my silly thoughts again! But the view is still inviting with the green grasslands. Really captivating!

This photo is the same as the one above, although i focused more on the green grasslands. Very well-trimmed grasslands. Such industrious people do this and i am sure they are using the high quality, modern facilities of farming.

By the way, you might think the weather is warm because it is bright. Today, it is very bright and sunny, but when i went outside for a walk, still very chilly. hehehe. Probably 4 degrees celcius and it is always colder with a cold wind damping on my cheeks!!! Ah ,i will get used to it...I will for sure!

Take This Top Visa Credit Card!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Bonnie Scotland --- Part I

Last Monday, my husband,Scotty took the day off and showed us around the countryside of Aberdeenshire. The weather here in Scotland is always crappy so i have to take photos very fast and sometimes just inside the car. The strong wind intimidates me sometimes. And sometimes it will shower so unexpectedly. It is sooo funny how the weather changes in a matter of few hours!

In this solo pic of mine, i went out of the car very fast while my husband took the shot on the vehicle. We can't just leave the kids inside the car. It's either me or Scotty inside or all of us outside...

I took this photo of our vehicle in one of the farmlands of Aberdeenshire. Sooo many acres of land are being devoted to agriculture. i will show lots of photos next time. For the meantime, i better get my jacket 'coz it's getting chilly again!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Marrying For Visa?

I'd watched this Jeremy Kyle television show last night. It is a kind of Oprah show where they interview people, but in here they didn't interview celebrities, but interview normal people with abnormal or complicated relationships.

Anyway, here is an older, richer guy who married a younger, Thai lady. They met online just like many of us and they are now living together in England. The guy whose name is Phil is 48 years old and the Thai lady is on her 20's whose name is Anshana. Phil accused Anshana of cheating him, that she is a prostitute and that she only married him for visa because he knows how life it is in Thailand. Now, Anshana came up on the stage and tell the crowd she didn't do it and that she is having hard time with Phil.

The interesting part about this show is that they have lie detector tests. Anshana undergone the test and although not shown on the show how it was done, the results were delivered. And guess what? Here are the results: Anshana is cheating her husband and the good thing is : she is not a prostitute.

It might be true that there are situations that women only married foreign men for comfort, convenience, or more bluntly termed as "gold diggers" but who are we to judge? There are also those who love each other dearly although the age gap is really that huge. The fact is: being married to your husband means treating your husband as a king, and you might call me whatever you can, but i am always obedient to my husband. On the other hand, he also treats me as his queen!

As for Anshana and for any younger women, minimize going out with friends or whoever strangers(or i am just being conservative?). Some older guys seemed to be jealous and would want as much as special attention (you know this before hand when you married him, so stop calling your husband dirty or like a pig!). If you cannot really fix your relationship, go back to your country and live a peaceful life. As for the husbands, treat your wife with love, dignity and tenderness. Women, also like to be spoiled on some point.

Let There be Low Carbs!

I love eating carbohydrates because they provide me energy. But am i eating the right carbohydrates? There is a diet revolution now-a-days and it is scientifically proven that Low Carb can actually contribute to weightloss. Low Carb contributes the following in maintaining ideal weight loss : one, loss of water weight ; second, decreased appetite; third, increased feeling of fullness; and fourth, reduced calories. Hence, low carb recipes are a must in choosing this ideal way of dieting. I am not a very good cook really, hence, i need low-carb-recipes that are easy to follow. Thank goodness for this very helpful, informative and interesting low-carb recipes site. They got low carb recipes that are free and easy. You can even have your low carb diet plan. If you are a person like me who value health and trying to eat good foods that are low in carbohydrates as much as i can, here is the site that can be our helpful friend. Try it now yourself!

Tesco's Toilets

I am mesmerized by the quality toilets in Tesco when we went there shopping. So clean, spotless, and personally, when i changed Baby Cam's nappy, i am so impressed by how organized they are! They have four toilets that will cater to the following: ladies, gents, people needing special assistance, and for the babies. In the baby changing area, they have the wipes ready to use and the nappies as well according to the sizes of your baby. Somehow, the quality service of a country is really shown in things like these. Really wonderful! I wonder when will Gaisano Mall in the Philippines be like this???? Did you count how many broken toilets they have? Oh, anyway, i took some pics to prove my point for Tesco...

Look at how clean and spotless it is. And wipes, nappies of varied sizes are all ready to be used. Isn't that something? Handwashing liquids and water, and waste bins are all placed in the right spot. Brilliant!

Ladies and Baby Changing areas are near to each other.

Here's the toilet and washroom for the people who needs special assistance.

And here's the gentlemen toilet and washroom in here...

Scottish govenment and the British government in general is very strict with promulgating policies for the welfare of the customers and the general populace. Quality care is of utmost importance. It can be shown with their toilets!

Joy at Joyland Casino

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Aberdeenshire Shopping Spree

I am so glad that there are 24 hours big grocery establishments here in Aberdeenshire. Just 15 minute drive and we're at Tesco. Tesco is very popular not only here in the UK but also in Asia. There are Tescos in Malaysia when i was there. They have great selections here in the UK though compared to those in Asia. Anyway, take a peek of our first shopping spree...

Here's the 24 hour Tesco closest to our home...

Here's me and the boys on the Baby Section. We got some nappies, wipes, additional baby bottles and baby foods.

Here's Scotty and Prisco grabbing some shampoo, conditioner and baby bath foams(Prisco likes to play bubbles on the bath).

Oh, how can i live without vegetables? uhhh, i still look very tired and sleepy here really!

Here's Scotty getting his dessert --- strawberry and vanilla swiss roll.

And finally, we're done with the payment and packing.

We were home around midnight.hehehehe. Can you believe that? Our body clocks are really messed up! Until now, mine is messed up because i am still up till now( and it is now 1:45 am! hehehe. I better finished this now... Have great time there, my friends!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sisters and the Paris' Leaves

Personally, this is one of my most favorite sites in Paris---the trees with its green leaves dominating the entire park. This is across the Hotel les Invalides and the Golden Dome of Napoleon Bonaparte. The place is popularly called as Ecoile Militar. But this little park across that main attraction is what made me write this entry.

For the past three years, my sisters---Phoebe and Babylon had been my travel companions anywhere in the world--- be it in France, be it in Malaysia, Canada, Thailand, HongKong, Brunei Darussalam, The Eternal City of Italy, Beijing,Singapore or just anywhere in the Philippines or anywhere in the world within that three-year period. What a bliss to travel with your sisters. They always there to give you a cheer and always there to help you carry the baby!hehehehe! With your sisters, you can go shopping,you can go silly in many ways, you can exchange ideas on anything ---from food to fashion to tourist attraction.

These photos we had in our last Paris trip last October 2006 just seemed very memorable to me. All of us agreed what a wonderful place it is here, in this simple, green park full of lovely, lovely, trees. We all thought we had seen this place in a Calendar or something. Alas on 2007, we'd seen KC Concepcion on television featuring her experiences in Paris and guess what? Many of the shots were taken on the very place we are in. That means even celebrities like this spot!

But i am not talking about KC or any bloody celebrity here. I am talking about my sisters who had been my constant companions for many of my travels and travails. I am talking about the leaves that are falling on the ground that all came from the same tree. I cannot possibly compare ourselves to leaves, because we are human beings. But why is it that we need to be separated just like the leaves? Because each of us has its own family now. Because each of us cannot just stay together in one roof. Because each of us has its own life to live. Okay, i know that but i just miss them terribly and i love them terribly....We might be like leaves being taken by the wind everywhere , but we came from the same root, from the same tree... and i always cherished that salad moments that we shared. I am always praying that may they have wonderful life and be happy with the choices they made. Well, here are some photos...

Here's me contemplating how beautiful this spot is....

My sister Babylon holding Prisco who was not feeling well that time.

My sister Phoebe who really gave her best for the shot!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aberdeen At Last!

Definitely, we are now in the Bonnie Scotland. The flight had been long, tiring, and exhausting. But the best thing is : we are now together as one, happy family. How i wish there'll be flight from Davao to Scotland (just a wish!!!)...In that way, we can avoid the busy Ninoy Aquino International Airport. But of course, there was not, so we have no choice. We flew with KLM Flying Dutchman from Manila to Amsterdam- Amsterdam to Aberdeen. There are lots of flights from Manila to Heathrow-Heathrow to Aberdeen, but we really don't like the Heathrow airport and we want to avoid that hell airport as much as possible. Amsterdam's Schipol Airport is a better one, definitely, very far better than Heathrow. So, that's it. We left Davao on the 10th, stayed a night in Manila. Flew from Manila to Amsterdam on the 11th and that flight was approximately 13 hours. But with all the early check-in, all the security checks,all the airport time....The trip was like 24 to 36 hours to me,including the hours in Manila. Flight from Amsterdam to Aberdeen is only 1.5 hours. But going through Immigration, waiting for the luggages, plus Customs check-up,we were through around 10 pm,Scotland time. Plus the travelling time from the Aberdeen Airport to our home in Kintore, around 45 minutes. So,we arrived home around almost 11pm. With the 8 hour time difference from the Philippines, what is night is day and what is day is night. It really messed up our body clocks!!!!Up to now,my system is still messed But i will be fine after some time. Give me a week and i will be settled here. Right now, am still not done unpacking our stuffs yet.
Oh, well, my friends, i've guess this is one of the travails of travelling---we need to acclimatize and settle slowly, slowly to the environment that we are in. For the meantime, i got to attend to the messages and visits made here at my blogging home!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Witnessing a Double Wedding --- Part II


You think this is the attire of a bridesmaid ? Uhmm,we’ll see…

Here we are during the wedding day. I am not a bridesmaid and Scotty is not a groomsman. But Wedding Days are special days that is the best time to be dressed-up! I love wearing corsets as you can see. I am wearing a brown one here. I love it because it molds and shapes my torso.

Officially, the Double Wedding the other day made me and Scotty as Wedding Godparents or we call in the Philippines as “Ninong” and “Ninang”. As primary sponsors , we should be constant support to Dale and Hope (our Godchildren) in the many aspects of life. I really think about this role seriously. This is the reason why we have to fit our Scotland trip schedule. Luckily, everything was set in good time. Thanks, goodness! (Well, Dale and Hope you’re lucky you asked as to be grandparents during Dale’s birthday, or else we’ll gonna refuse because I still think I am young enough to be one! lol. That’s just a joke. In our culture, if somebody asks you to be godparent you should never refuse because the offer signifies blessings. It’s not good to refuse it. I accepted it wholeheartedly. Anyway, I’ll get old eventually!hehehehe!). Too many Godparents in Wedding Day only signifies that in a Philippine culture we gave large impetus to relationships and connections. It is a very good support system. In the photo below you can see the Godparents of Dale and Hope. I think me and Scotty are the youngest here (ahhhh,now,we’re not getting any younger!).

What I like about their Wedding Day is that it is very practical. The wedding ceremony and the wedding reception took place in one location. There’s no hassle at all! The venue is really big enough to accommodate lots of people.

And the cake? I wouldn’t miss it. Here it is…

And I caught them kissing! Ah, make sure it’s the right bride you’re kissing, guys!hehehehe! I’m sure they know very well!

That's all folks, i hope you enjoyed the postings as i do. To all of you who gave me comments and messages, i wanna thank you all. I'll get back to you once we are settled in Scotland.


Witnessing a Double Wedding---Part I


Had you witnessed a Double Wedding? We did yesterday---April 8,2008 . What a lucky date! I never thought that in my lifetime I would saw one and it was a great feeling being a witness to such grandiose event.
Dale is my former highschool classmate wayback ages ago, was that 1988? Uhmm,I suppose so. Now, forget about Arithmetic and don’t mind my age! lol. Anyway, I’d seen Dale again after long years that we hadn’t seen each other last January 26, this year during his 33rd birthday. You must know how surprised he was when I went to his 33rd birthday party. It was his brother Darwin who invited me when I bumped him in the town a day before Dale's birthday. Oh well, in other words, God finds a way in order for me and my husband could witness his wedding day and also the wedding day of the other couple.
Congratulations to Dale and Hope, Jun and Faith! Welcome to married life and hopefully yours will be a wonderful one! We know that marriages are made in heaven and it is up to the couple who will do the maintenance work!
By the way, Faith and Hope are twins, nope Jun and Dale are not twins! hehehe! I would say they look like brothers also!We had fun in your wedding day, guys! Again, Congratulations!

A lovely setting. Venue: Sunny Point,Maa,Davao City

Here are the two dazzling brides happily walking in the aisle---the twin sisters, Hope and Faith.

The Couple Number 1: Dale and Hope ( I should be very careful not to mess up here!)

Couple Number 2: Jun and Faith

The Ceremony

The brides are singing here. They have angelic voices. Lovely,lovely,lovely!

Let there be sweeties! They're sharing the abundance of life.

By the way, what’s this other couple doing in here? Ah, just let them be…They’re planning to have the renewal of their wedding vows soon…