Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let It Snow!

There are still lots of snow today and still more and more will come showcasing that real winter is here!!! It will gonna be a white Christmas, i presupposed. Yesterday morning as i woke up, i opened our glass window and voila! there were lots of snow. It actually started few days ago. With that first accumulation of snow, my boys were excited, especially Prisco and Baby Cam. This is Cameron's first snow, so i knew for sure that he is really so amazed and excited of this new change of season.

With the first gush of snow, we went to Banchory and explore the woodlands. We reached the place called Scolty Woodland Park where many acres of trees were all covered with the silvery, white snow. We had snow fight and Prisco was the champion on this! I love running around exploiting the thick snow layers and let my footprints embedded on them. I felt like conquering their own little world! It was fun! Yes, it is always cold but fun. So, wearing layers is a must!