Friday, February 13, 2009

The Bunco Group Christmas Party 2008

I know that today is Valentine's Day and probably too late for posting Christmas write-ups, but i love to post this one as i enjoyed this party a lot. A party with very good camaraderie, very good laugh and very good food and very good ambiance(not to mention the really funny exchanging of gifts!) is very hard to forget, hence, my blog would never miss that special event in my life! (what a drama!hehehehe!).We had a very good laugh as evidently shown in the photos and posing with silliness and promptness was the rule of the game.

Thirteen happy ladies (Becky,Kim,Carolyn,Jane,Kelly,Prily,Lynn,Sheila,Cindy,Cristina,Emilie,Grace and Glenda) attended the party bringing with them christmas gifts, savoury food, sweeties or drinks to share. The gift was worth 10 pounds or more. There was no boncu game to play,so, no dices to roll just friendships, food and drinks to share.
Our Boncu organizer,Becky hosted the party. Thanks a lot,Becky, just to let you know that we had a wonderful time!

Here are some of the photos, but for more pictures, please click this link:


Lynn said...

hello cuz! you're back! hehe!

happy heart's day to u. i'm always looking forward to reading your post here.

ingatz! mwahugs!

Shrav said...

:P as you said, you're late! Happy Valentine's day!

Santosh Nikam said...

Nice party.All of you really enjoying the moment with cake.