Thursday, June 18, 2009

SSA Summer Dinner

I am having fine time here in Scotland. Yes, there are some low moments but they are quite normal. Please excuse me for being inactive in the Blogging World, i am so preoccupied with other things and you know what they are --- kids and family, travel, shopping, fashion, friendships and food.

Talking about Friendship and Food, our SSA Coordinator here in Aberdeen, Scotland, Emilie Wain sent us, the SSA ladies a lovely invitation which stated: "Dear Ladies, We are having a lovely Summer Dinner to celebrate all sorts of things; the beginning of summer, the approaching end of the school term and the appointment of our own Irina Herbert as European Area Coordinator for the SSA! We hope you can join us."

And we did join! The lovely dinner was last Saturday, the 12th of June at Cafe Montmartre, Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen, Scotland and here are the food choices:

Cream of baby pea’s soup with fresh mint
Snails with shallots, herbs & garlic butter
Crayfish Salad topped with aioli sauce
Pastry tart filled with spinach, goat’s cheese & crème fraîche

Duck confit in orange sauce
Stuffed lemon sole with prawns & spinach in lobster sauce
Sirloin steak with french fries, and vegetables, topped with green pepper corn or Garlic butter sauce
Risotto with asparagus, mushrooms & broad beans and cooked in white wine with a provençal aubergine sauce

White chocolate tart, served with crème anglaise
Finger sponge cake filled with vanilla mousse, topped with various fruit berries
Lemon & Mango Passion fruit sorbet
Cheese platter

Atleast fifty (50) ladies coming all from all parts of the world attended. We also welcomed two(2) new ladies--- Yolanda Pardede from Indonesia and Blanca Mittler from Mexico. As the new Hospitality Coordinator, it was my task to hand them their Welcome Baskets, which i think was a very nice thing to do!

We do thank our husbands' company for the utmost support to our spouses' association. Meeting these lovely ladies, having nice chitchats with them, developing good friendships are both heartwarming and culturally enriching.

I think everyone enjoyed the food as much as i did as everyone went home happy and full of smiles on their faces. Let's enjoy the summer, everyone!!!

For more photos of the dinner, please click:


Lynn said...

busy with travel and shopping! grabe! sosi huh! hahaha!

hello cuz. so glad to hear from u again and to read another post here. ma miss jud nako imo update diri ba but i do understand how busy u are with traveling and ur shopping spree. haha. good for u cuz. at least u're not bored there with all those activities and u look pretty as always. keep that smile.

kalami sa food pero snail and duck? eew! haha. ignorate jud ko. pero makalaway ang dessert. yum!

anyways, it's nikko's (your inaanak's) 1st bday today, june 19th. wish u can make it to his bday party tonight, same venue. hehe.

ingatz always cuz! mwah! mwah! mwah!

Lola said...

no wonder you were so excited that night.... :D Your blog is really beautiful, you make it so colourful.... I'm so flattered you invite me to see it. Thank you very much, Prily.... Thank God also I meet you here in Scotland....

-Yolanda Pardede (you could be confused who Lola is... my nick name...)-

sant said...

yami yami ....delicious dishes ....... had a great time with friends .... please check out my blog also

jonaver said...

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UPrinting said...

Wow the food looks so delicious! I guess the event was very successful, everyone went home full and with stories of new friendships to nurture. Thanks!

MadhaV said...

I'm too hungry!

Well mam please post receipe also.
Nice blog.
Keep it up

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

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Vincent Bautista said...

elow! It's been a while since I've last been here. Blog hopping LOL! Wow this post sure did make me hungry.