Monday, July 26, 2010

Back for Good in Canada

After almost eight years of living overseas,after having four pregnancies, after delivering the newest baby boy,ALISTAIR SCOTT MACPHEE, after realizing how tough it is for Coco to keep on transferring schools,after getting tired of packing and unpacking those big boxes of stuffs,after thinking that CANADA is the best place in the world for us, for the kids especially, here we are moving back to my husband's country and finally getting settled.

We are here in this new home for two months now. We love it and we love the community. It is a very peaceful neighborhood. We are very close to almost everything--- the schools,the shops, the public library, the church, etc...My husband picked the best choice for us. I am not yet driving, so this place is perfect for me! The house is wonderful. It is not very close to the main street, so we are far from the cacophony of the city. In our backyard is like a mini-forest with lovely,big trees and colorful flowers that abound the area. Just a lovely,perfect family home.

Finally, we have a place we call ours --- to raise our kids, to run around, to make a mess, to cultivate, to clean and fix, to make anything a normal,stable family do. Finally, we have a place to call a HOME SWEET HOME.


Lynndee said...

Good for you and the whole family, Cuz. I love the house! Anha ko diha puhon. Hehe.

FreeZeBox said...

wow.. a well-designed house.. kanindot.. :)