Friday, July 30, 2010

Discovering Discovery Center

On Cameron's 3rd birthday,we did not do any fancy party. He still did not have many friends that we can invite, so we'll have to wait until next year for that children's party. Also, i don't feel having a party and Scotty is not here. But Scotty is coming and he and Cam can have their birthdays together!

Here is Cam turning three last July 28. On that day we did the following unforgettable things: kids rode on the bus for the first time, we ate at the Filipino restaurant, we walked in some parts of downtown Halifax, and the most special thing of all --- we learnt many things in the Science Discovery Center at Barrington Street. Yup, we explored science and technology through exciting and interactive experience.

I first heard about this Science Discovery Center from my son who loves science, Coco. Their Grade 1 class had an educational tour here before the school ends and many times he'd been urging me to go back there. I keep on telling him that yes, we'll go back. And so, we did and yes, on Cam's birthday!

The Discovery Center is a non-profit organization fostering interest in science and technology. Me, Phoebe, Coco, Cam and Baby Ali had a virtual science tour. This place houses three floors of hands-on exhibits where the emphasis is on informal learning through play and fun.

They have an exhibit about Diamonds on the first floor, specifically the Canadian diamonds which are highly valued in the world. Now, me and my sister really wish we'll gonna win that grand prize --- a Canadian loose diamond from Charm Diamond Centres valued at 19,000 dollars!!! I can only wish...

The second floor consists of many things but the best one is the Bubble Room where you can blow huge bubbles and watch them levitate around you. It was cool! The kids really liked it! They also went on the Suspension Bridge many times and Coco looks like a scientist at work while using the microscope!

This Galaxy 2 Oil Platform is located on the 3rd floor. Also on that floor, there is this Arch bridge, a maze, and a hall of fame section. Phoebe and me had a hard time cycling while powering a lightbulb! It looks easy but not really. So, it was nice, we had a work-out.

The best experience on that day is the Fire and Ice Showdown on the Theatre Room. It is an experiment where fire made interesting colors and ice(liquified nitrogen) can affect the size of the balloons or do lots of bubbles with the combination of a dishwashing liquid.

All in all, we had an enjoyable time. The kids can run around without getting much attention from other people because kids have freedom to move around as they wish on this place! Thank God! Plus, they really don't know that they are learning lots of stuff! So, yes, it is fun, educational and interactive.

I cannot think of any other activity that can top that on that day.


Lynn said...

very nice! wa pa jud ko kasulod og museum sukad, cuz ba. wa man gud diri diba? maayo diha kay daghan.

u had fun for sure with those smiles on your faces.

belated happy birthday, super adorable cam! mwah!

Scott said...

Nice write up dearest...Read it while in transit at Seoul Airport.

Scott said...

Nice that you all had a great time there dearest...Was able to read this while in transit at Seoul Airport. See you soon.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Your son Cameron had a wonderful birthday celebration when you visited Discovery Center on his birthday. You were all thrilled by the new found experiences there. I hope all of you are fine and in the best of health. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.