Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy B-Day to the Coolest Father-In-Law!

Today is a special day for a man who is handsome,passionate,sturdy,resolute and smart. He is a jack of all trades and a master of many things. I am a proud daughter-in-law to have him as my dad. I know that sometimes he's quite tough and strong but i know that deep inside he's a lovable person who cares so much for all the people closest to him. I know you think he's on his 40's but no and i'm not telling how old he is! He is always young at heart.

Dad, if you are reading this blog, you know what's my wishes for you. I just wanna thank you for accepting me to be a part of our family. I wanna thank you for treating me as your real daughter. Dad, we care for you, love you and think of you today and everyday. Have a wonderful birthday!

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