Monday, February 25, 2008

After-all, They Aren't Chocolates at All!

When i was still a kid i thought that "Chocolate Hills" in Bohol was really brown,sweet and yummy. So when i grew up and met my husband, Scott we both went to Bohol and discovered that those hills are not man-made(unlike the real chocolates!Uhmmm!). They are actually weathered formations of a kind of marine limestone on a top of impermeable layer of clay. These 1268 hills(probably the exact number of hills) are amazingly almost uniform in shapes. And the shapes? They look like giant moles and some say they look like women's breasts. This tourist attraction in Bohol, i believe made Bohol very famous. That's why the Boholanos considered these hills as great miracle from God because without these miracle hills Bohol would might just remain as a sleepy town.

These hills which range from between 30-50 metres high are all covered with grass. Sometimes when the dry season is finished this grass will all be withered making the color chocolate brown,hence, the name is derived. But of course when it is not dry season the color of the grass will all be green and will that mean the name will become Green Hills? Nooo...still it will be "Chocolate Hills." And yes, they're not chocolates, indeed!


Lalaine said...

hahaha! I thought the same too when I was still small! Used to dream of chocolate hills and have unlimited chocos..haaaayyy..thinking of bohol now makes me miss their Calamay..yummy!

Thanks for adding me up..added you too!!God bless!!

Tenos said...

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Will said...

Thanks for the review! I love the pictures you have here! I'd love to use some of them on my blog. I'm looking for stuff like this to go with my writing. Let me know if you're interested. I'd be sure to ad links to your blog. Thanks!


-Wendy- said...

BOHOL!! I've been here. So beautiful I wanna go back =)