Monday, February 18, 2008

Lady In Red

I love that song by Chris de Burgh entitled "Lady in Red." But why did he chose lady in red and not Lady in Black or Lady in Blue or Lady in Green? Was there something special about Red?

Red is an attractive color for babies. Hence,since i delivered my baby boy six months ago, Red is always a dominant color in my house and a dominant color for me. I think it helps with our bonding since he'll be staring at me longer.

In symbolism, Red is supposedly the first color perceived by man. Brain-injured persons suffering from temporary color-blindness start to perceive red before they are able to discern any other colors. Neolithic hunter peoples considered red to be the most important color endowed with life-giving powers. Protective powers of the color red against evil influence were common belief. Red wedding gown was en vogue in Nurnberg of the 18th century, but this tradition goes back to roman times: Roman brides were wrapped in a fiery red veil, the flammeum, which should warrant love and fertility. Greek, Albanian and Armenian brides wear red veils even today. Chinese brides are wearing red wedding gowns and are carried to the ceremony in a red litter. The bride walks on a red carpet and is greeted by the groom who lifts her red veil. Neighbours bring red eggs to the couple after a child is born. Red rose in Greek legends symbolizes love and infidelity.

I am passionate about red color, although i think i have almost all the colors in my closet. But since this month is February, the month of love because of the Valentine's Day and the month of celebrating the Chinese New Year, Red is often a festive color. I believe that this color brings good luck and fortune although in fashion, wearing red can add some weight and heavy on the eyes. Oh well, what the heck if it adds more inches ,this February i'll be wearing red and i'll be wearing it with a big smile on my face. Am sure my baby boy will notice me and will coo some more because of delight! But wearing red on a wedding day? i don't think so!