Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A-Days,B-Days and C-Days

ABC's may sound like very basic things but they are also very important. Call us corny, lame, cheesy, tiring, uncool or whatever but me and my husband's secret for keeping our relationship on the go is remembering special occasions and celebrating them as much as we can. Or if we could not be physically together on that date, we celebrate them on the date that is more favorable, although it is a must that we greet each other on that particular day.

Anniversary days are very important and so are Birthdays and Commitment Days(the day we commit ourselves with each other even before we got married! i know it sounds corny!). V-Days(Valentine's Days)...uhmmm...not really that much because for us everyday is a heart's day and that each day is a courting day(uhmm,i know it sounds corny again!).
We got married 19th of October and so, every 19th of the month is a special day . Same is true with Commitment Days and the date of our birthdays.

Well, since today is 19th of February, today is an A-Day. We already greeted each other. It might be corny or tiring for some, but for us it is sweet,passionate,real and one of our secrets to keep our relationship on the go. I love you,my Scotty! God bless our relationship! God bless our family!

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