Friday, February 22, 2008

Planting Memory at Plantation Bay

One of our most romatic get-aways ever happened here at Mactan Island,Cebu,Philippines. With the stunning 5-Star treatment at this hotel named as Plantation Bay Resort, we as guests found ourselves at awe of what they can offer. I feel proud to be a Cebuana and i feel proud how beautiful Cebu is. My Canadian husband upon our arrival at the hotel called his family right away and told them he can't believe how beautiful this place is! And now i understand why Enya put "Cebu" in her lycrics of the song "Orinoco Flow." After-all, Cebu is flowing with magic and charisma (and so are Cebuanas! Hay ka-bisaya dyod na ko uy!). And one more tip about Plantation Bay : tipping is not allowed! But blogging about it will be a big bonus! I just did!

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