Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spoiled-Rotten in the Philippines?....


Okay, i would admit it, i miss being spoiled by my mother and sisters in the Philippines. They are always there when i needed help for taking care of my kids. I think one of the reasons why there are lots of kids in my country of origin is because there are just so many hands who can hold the kids and the nanny fee is not that much.
But, oh well, i am an independent person and i never grew up to be a spoiled brat. As a working student, i know how to handle crisis situations. I know that everyday is a survival of the fittest and that everyday is a learning experience. I am happy i grew up a hardlife because i have very high tolerance level with regards to pain and punishment. Ah, punishment, what a harsh word!
And here in Scotland, taking care of two boys plus one big one, hehehe, is never easy. It is very stressful sometimes. You know, no help at all --- cook, clean the house (ah, oftentimes it's just a mess!), send Prisco to school, play with the kids, read stories, give them a bath, change nappies, feed them, wash the dishes, do the laundry, iron the clothes, etc....etc... These are like routine chores. i still can't believe i did these all? hehehehe!
Oh,well, life is a struggle... the thing is : i might be tired sometimes doing these routines but inside my heart, really, i am happy i am doing these! Unbelievable, with all the lots of household chores, i can still blog?hehehehe. That's the beauty of life --- there's just time for everything.


Mummy Sheng said...

yeah, having kids in the philippines is easy beacuse you can rely on a lot of nannies, just with your family alone! hahaha!

kidding aside, it's really hard doing everything alone! i didn't realized that till later on in life, when i got a family of my own. but now i enjoy doing it all! sometimes i feel like i'm just playing "bahay-bahayƤn"!

good luck dear!

and thanks for the comments! gladly appreciated!

Syari said...

I can relate to all that you wrote here. LOL I have to do everything yet I can manage to handle so many blogs. Not really, I just can really maintain 2 blogs. The others are difficult. I can't even handle or promote the forum!

jana said...

hala na CINDERELLA na ka friendship! anyways its overwhelming doing that things for ur family though its draining ur energy sometimes....

lahi ra gyus sa pinas sa!