Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Building Babies and Parenting

There is no right time to get pregnant. Once we got married, we anticipated that we will make a family. When we got married last October 2002, we said that we'll gonna have a baby after 2 years. It didn't happen as planned because i got pregnant after 2months! hehehehe. But, anyway, we felt sooo excited and at first, we even planned to have four kids, but really, after considering the costs and the high standard of living, really, we said, "one is enough and two is too much!".
So,anyway, i got pregnant again for the second time last 2006, but that baby was not meant for us. That was a big story in my life... Anyway, that means having a baby is not at all easy. There are lots of struggles, lots of sacrifices(because we sacrifice our lives when we get pregnant!), lots of things to be considered. With faith and strong heart (because it is not good to live in fear), i got pregnant again the third time last year ( 2007) and that's the reason why i stayed in the Philippines for a year --- to give birth to Cameron John.
Now, we are here in Scotland as my husband works international. Scotland is not anymore a Greek to us because we had lived here before right after we got married last 2002.
Anyway, having babies mean buying lots of baby stuffs. It really depends on us how much budget we set for it. In my nuclear family that i grew up,, i am the eldest of eight and we never have the luxury of nursery items i am giving my children now. But really, if we can afford to spoil our kids a little bit, why not? My husband works very hard to provide for me, to provide for my kids(and even my family back home) and they might as well enjoy the fruits of our labor.
Since i am often alone with my kids here in Scotland, nursery items, although optional in parenting, for me, is a must. You know, there are no other hands here to carry my baby when it is time for me to eat, so a high-chair is a must.
I can eat and so does my kids, all of us in one table(that is if daddy is not at home. And yes, he is not always at home!).

And what if i need a shower? Which is never optional in my life! hehehehe. Because it is a must. So, an entertainer like this one is needed.

I sometimes put this one in the bathroom, and as i am having my shower, i am looking at my playful baby. Prisco is always watching his baby brother. But really he is just too young to be trusted!

So, with these items, i can blog a little bit! hehehehe! Oh, well, parenting is never easy. It is a job that you can not make a resignation letter! It is stressful, challenging, but it is also entertaining and rewarding. After-all, babies grow up so fast!


Syari said...

I'd buy things for my daughter, but if it is too expensive I'd think 10-20 times. :D Since most of the things she won't play with or use after sometime. Some toys she only used for a week and that's it. If it's a special occasion then I wouldn't mind to get something slightly expensive.

However I'd rather wait till she's big enough to understand the value of things and how her mom and dad worked hard to buy her the things that she is having, before I'd really buy something very expensive for her. :D

Budget Traveller said...

hahaha! nakakatawa ko when you said you bring the play thing inside the bathroom....clever mom! :)