Saturday, April 26, 2008

Car Seat : A Must

When i delivered all my boys, during the journey from the hospital to home, i put them straight away to their car seats --- that's their first seats. It is a must! As parents, it is our ardent responsibility to ensure children's safety while travelling. Using a car seat and booster seats for our older kids is the best protection we can give to our children whilst travelling.
You think that the most expensive car seats or most expensive booster seats are the best? Nope, they are not. The best ones are the ones that best fit our children's weights, sizes, and ages, as well as our vehicle. So, trying the car seat or booster seat before buying them is the best thing to do. That's what we do and look at how Baby Cameron is enjoying the car ride with his new car seat. Cool! He's so comfortable with his head and his whole body being protected. And that's very important.


Lynn said...

Wow! Baby cam is just so adorable. Mwah!

Anyway, congrats cuz for being nominated but i can't open the link that u gave me. don't worry, i'll surely vote for u.

Pinay Jade said...

He is so cute! Yeah car seat are definitely needed nowadays.In Holland, you cannot drive your car with your kid w/o this things. It's very dangerous. I wonder if Brtney Spears new about those dangers? ;)
Have a great week ahead!

Vincent Bautista said...

I'm very glad that you are a very responsible parent. I know that you're babies would grow up well since you take really good care of them. ^_^

It's good that you're sharing this very important safety tip.

Anyway, If you have the time, could you please update My Nurse's Notes to Angel in the Sickroom and the URL is

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I've already added you to my links. Thanks and have a great week!^_^

Hehehe... I moved to my own domain. And guess what? You're one of my top 10 most favorite bloggers. ^_^