Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Having a Baby is Expensive---Part I

Recently, We went to Mothercare World to get some stuff for Baby Cam. I would tell you the prices of baby stuffs are surging soooo high! Look at this baby pram, if you gonna convert the 513.99 pounds into pesos it will be more than 42,000 pesos. My husband said, you can get an old car in the garage for this price!hehehe! The baby pram i got from Mothercare 4.6 years ago was more than 200 pounds and it is still okay for now, so, i don't wanna buy a new one. The most important for us now will be the car seat for Baby Cam and his high chair.
But i love shopping at Mothercare World. I will tell you why next time...


Lynn said...

Hello cuz! Nice stroller huh but with that amount, eww! I can buy a pc na with that.

Anyways, u've got opps here na ha. Good for u. Mwah!

Mummy Sheng said...

baby shopping really is expensive these days! hard to believe that a person so small and fragile could have stuff as pricey as a household goods.

if your old one is still good to use, why not keep on using it? you might as well save the money for something else. good on you!

Stanley said...

WOw...even baby prams nowadays are so streamlined!