Saturday, April 5, 2008

Me in Blue

What dress did i wear when my husband arrive? I chose this blue one. It's just very simple but i like the elegant blue color plus the little glitters that bring the dress to its almost perfection. I just need to woo my husband again! Isn't it that courting is an everyday routine?

I am matching this blue dress with my blue diamond collection.

Here we are the first family picture since my husband's arrival from Scotland.

And here's the sweetness picture....I know my husband is very tired from his trip but he is very happy to see us and yes, very happy to hold me again in his arms!


Shravan said...

awww.. you both look so cute!!

jana said...

ka sweet ba ninyo friend oi hehehe, enjoy...

Lynn said...

Good morning Cuz! Thanks a lot for the info. It's in my chic.

Wow! You all look so great. So what now? Honeymoon stage again? Hahaha.

Take care cuz. Extend my regards to Scott. And kisses to the little ones. MWah!

coolingstar9 said...

I am coolingstar9, I admire you have a happy moment.
Your blue clothe is really nice, no wonder your hushand so happy.
Have a nice day.

earthlingorgeous said...

awwww :) that's so sweet :) so he is here right now :) ... I'm sure he is happy to be home with you in your arms again ... haaaaaaaaay :) inggit ako hahahaha! nice dress :) say hello to your hubby from me please :)

Skylle said...

wow, how sweet!

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