Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aberdeen At Last!

Definitely, we are now in the Bonnie Scotland. The flight had been long, tiring, and exhausting. But the best thing is : we are now together as one, happy family. How i wish there'll be flight from Davao to Scotland (just a wish!!!)...In that way, we can avoid the busy Ninoy Aquino International Airport. But of course, there was not, so we have no choice. We flew with KLM Flying Dutchman from Manila to Amsterdam- Amsterdam to Aberdeen. There are lots of flights from Manila to Heathrow-Heathrow to Aberdeen, but we really don't like the Heathrow airport and we want to avoid that hell airport as much as possible. Amsterdam's Schipol Airport is a better one, definitely, very far better than Heathrow. So, that's it. We left Davao on the 10th, stayed a night in Manila. Flew from Manila to Amsterdam on the 11th and that flight was approximately 13 hours. But with all the early check-in, all the security checks,all the airport time....The trip was like 24 to 36 hours to me,including the hours in Manila. Flight from Amsterdam to Aberdeen is only 1.5 hours. But going through Immigration, waiting for the luggages, plus Customs check-up,we were through around 10 pm,Scotland time. Plus the travelling time from the Aberdeen Airport to our home in Kintore, around 45 minutes. So,we arrived home around almost 11pm. With the 8 hour time difference from the Philippines, what is night is day and what is day is night. It really messed up our body clocks!!!!Up to now,my system is still messed But i will be fine after some time. Give me a week and i will be settled here. Right now, am still not done unpacking our stuffs yet.
Oh, well, my friends, i've guess this is one of the travails of travelling---we need to acclimatize and settle slowly, slowly to the environment that we are in. For the meantime, i got to attend to the messages and visits made here at my blogging home!


Lynn said...

Hello Cuz! Glad you've touched down at Scotland safe and sound. Your travel really seemed so exhausting with how u narrated it but nevertheless, i still dream of traveling like that. Hehe. I want to experience the exhaustion. Lol.

Do keep in touch, ok? Kisses to the little angels. Mwah!

ARTVEN said...

hello! visiting you here again! and checking you out! good thing that you indeed have a very safe trip back home..have a nice day!

AiDiSan said...

I'm glad that your greatest blessiing which is your family is now complete. Enjoy every minute with them.

Take care!!!

Amor said...

It's nice to know that all of you were in Scotland right now and had a safe trip.Travel=unpacking and arranging hehehe,courage my friend!

Janine said...

wow, that's a very long glad you arrived there safe..

Janine said...

i dont know if my comment went through..hehe but anyway,just wanna say that am happy to hear that you arrived there safe after the long flight..