Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Witnessing a Double Wedding---Part I


Had you witnessed a Double Wedding? We did yesterday---April 8,2008 . What a lucky date! I never thought that in my lifetime I would saw one and it was a great feeling being a witness to such grandiose event.
Dale is my former highschool classmate wayback ages ago, was that 1988? Uhmm,I suppose so. Now, forget about Arithmetic and don’t mind my age! lol. Anyway, I’d seen Dale again after long years that we hadn’t seen each other last January 26, this year during his 33rd birthday. You must know how surprised he was when I went to his 33rd birthday party. It was his brother Darwin who invited me when I bumped him in the town a day before Dale's birthday. Oh well, in other words, God finds a way in order for me and my husband could witness his wedding day and also the wedding day of the other couple.
Congratulations to Dale and Hope, Jun and Faith! Welcome to married life and hopefully yours will be a wonderful one! We know that marriages are made in heaven and it is up to the couple who will do the maintenance work!
By the way, Faith and Hope are twins, nope Jun and Dale are not twins! hehehe! I would say they look like brothers also!We had fun in your wedding day, guys! Again, Congratulations!

A lovely setting. Venue: Sunny Point,Maa,Davao City

Here are the two dazzling brides happily walking in the aisle---the twin sisters, Hope and Faith.

The Couple Number 1: Dale and Hope ( I should be very careful not to mess up here!)

Couple Number 2: Jun and Faith

The Ceremony

The brides are singing here. They have angelic voices. Lovely,lovely,lovely!

Let there be sweeties! They're sharing the abundance of life.

By the way, what’s this other couple doing in here? Ah, just let them be…They’re planning to have the renewal of their wedding vows soon…


virgie said...

that's lovely....but the couple on the last looks great!

earthlingorgeous said...

wow that's so cool I've never witnessed a double wedding ever.... nice dress by the way :)

Jona said...

double wedding for twins, how lovely!
your dress is pretty :)

AiDiSan said...

You look lovely in your dress.

Shiela said...

wow...double wedding. they look so lovely and so as you.

so you are back in wet and cold scotland. kawawa ka naman...nevermind as long as you are with your family. take care always.