Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mothercare World

You can find Mothercare World worldwide. Their products can be found everywhere because of good quality. Mothercare is part of a chain of shops selling children's clothes and nursery accessories as well as a wide range of maternity wear.
This is where i bought most of my baby stuffs and many of my stuffs when i was still pregnant. Some of my old stuffs are even being handed down to my relatives back home and they are still very good. From maternity tights, maternity clothes to baby bottles, to baby pram, baby cot and some nursery items, Mothercare is the best place to be and i love shopping there. I think the best reason i can give is that the products are the best quality and you can just see a wide variety to choose from. You get the best value of your money. Though, honestly, i would say the prices are really high. But if you prefer quality than quantity, this is the best place to go. My baby pram which i had with my first born i bought many years ago is still good and dandy and now still being enjoyed by Baby Cam. Neat, isn't it?

Here are some photos inside MotherCare World here in Aberdeen, Scotland...


Vincent Bautista said...

wow! How great it is to have a store that caters to all the needs of mommies.

Amazing! Thanks for sharing about this. ^_^

gagay said...

hello! just dropping by...hope to see u at mine!

Lynn said...

Nice shots, cuz. How i wish i can also go shopping there. Har.

AiDiSan said...

My sister is 5 months pregnant and I wish we have the same store here in PI. She's coming home in June from Qatar and I look forward accompanying her to baby stores to complete baby stuff.