Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Aberdeenshire Shopping Spree

I am so glad that there are 24 hours big grocery establishments here in Aberdeenshire. Just 15 minute drive and we're at Tesco. Tesco is very popular not only here in the UK but also in Asia. There are Tescos in Malaysia when i was there. They have great selections here in the UK though compared to those in Asia. Anyway, take a peek of our first shopping spree...

Here's the 24 hour Tesco closest to our home...

Here's me and the boys on the Baby Section. We got some nappies, wipes, additional baby bottles and baby foods.

Here's Scotty and Prisco grabbing some shampoo, conditioner and baby bath foams(Prisco likes to play bubbles on the bath).

Oh, how can i live without vegetables? uhhh, i still look very tired and sleepy here really!

Here's Scotty getting his dessert --- strawberry and vanilla swiss roll.

And finally, we're done with the payment and packing.

We were home around midnight.hehehehe. Can you believe that? Our body clocks are really messed up! Until now, mine is messed up because i am still up till now( and it is now 1:45 am! hehehe. I better finished this now... Have great time there, my friends!

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