Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Marrying For Visa?

I'd watched this Jeremy Kyle television show last night. It is a kind of Oprah show where they interview people, but in here they didn't interview celebrities, but interview normal people with abnormal or complicated relationships.

Anyway, here is an older, richer guy who married a younger, Thai lady. They met online just like many of us and they are now living together in England. The guy whose name is Phil is 48 years old and the Thai lady is on her 20's whose name is Anshana. Phil accused Anshana of cheating him, that she is a prostitute and that she only married him for visa because he knows how life it is in Thailand. Now, Anshana came up on the stage and tell the crowd she didn't do it and that she is having hard time with Phil.

The interesting part about this show is that they have lie detector tests. Anshana undergone the test and although not shown on the show how it was done, the results were delivered. And guess what? Here are the results: Anshana is cheating her husband and the good thing is : she is not a prostitute.

It might be true that there are situations that women only married foreign men for comfort, convenience, or more bluntly termed as "gold diggers" but who are we to judge? There are also those who love each other dearly although the age gap is really that huge. The fact is: being married to your husband means treating your husband as a king, and you might call me whatever you can, but i am always obedient to my husband. On the other hand, he also treats me as his queen!

As for Anshana and for any younger women, minimize going out with friends or whoever strangers(or i am just being conservative?). Some older guys seemed to be jealous and would want as much as special attention (you know this before hand when you married him, so stop calling your husband dirty or like a pig!). If you cannot really fix your relationship, go back to your country and live a peaceful life. As for the husbands, treat your wife with love, dignity and tenderness. Women, also like to be spoiled on some point.


jana said...

wow good post! yah we dont have the right to judge them, they are living their lives and we dont know the real truth or reason why they did that, in my case hai ka seloso sa akung bana and so protective, mao na mag puyo nalang kug house arun walay gubut hehehe kapuy kaayu nang duda-dudahan oi, bt I cant blame him, he have been to so many relationship where his partners fool around, but i love my hubby kay pinangga sd ko kaayu hehehe, basta happy tas sa atung kaminyuon friend di gyud ta matigulang ug dali ani sa.

Amor said...

Me too,I met my husband on the net and we have a big age gap but I dearly love my husband and we're near on our eight year as a couple.Our marriage is not perfect but we do love and respect each other,that's what matters most.When I was young,I really dream to have a white husband and a mixed baby,that's why I wanted to have a foreigner husband.Mao na nag-penpal ug eventually nag netpal ko para makameet ug foreigner para matupad ako dream.I married my husband because I love him and he loves me.Kadaghan sa mga large ang age gap na couples na successful ang marriage.

Ako bana dili seloso,ako pa gani ang selosa :)

earthlingorgeous said...

I agree , we don't have the right to judge people for their actions ... this post is kinda link to Weng's post too... I am about to post one related to Weng's post when I read this post too :)

Poverty drives people to do things sometimes, even if it meant forgetting their values or morals.

Pinay Jade said...

Great post. We definitely cannot judge them, we don't even know what has happened throughout their relationship. My husband is also older than me but that doesn't matter at all. A young man can be as bad as an older man. Bottom line is age is not a factor in a relationship. Respect and communication are the main elements we need for a relationship to work.
And Prily, I think it is great taht you treat your husband as the king and he treats you like a queen.

That is how it is suppose to be.That's how we are as well.Thanks for this post.