Monday, April 14, 2008

Sisters and the Paris' Leaves

Personally, this is one of my most favorite sites in Paris---the trees with its green leaves dominating the entire park. This is across the Hotel les Invalides and the Golden Dome of Napoleon Bonaparte. The place is popularly called as Ecoile Militar. But this little park across that main attraction is what made me write this entry.

For the past three years, my sisters---Phoebe and Babylon had been my travel companions anywhere in the world--- be it in France, be it in Malaysia, Canada, Thailand, HongKong, Brunei Darussalam, The Eternal City of Italy, Beijing,Singapore or just anywhere in the Philippines or anywhere in the world within that three-year period. What a bliss to travel with your sisters. They always there to give you a cheer and always there to help you carry the baby!hehehehe! With your sisters, you can go shopping,you can go silly in many ways, you can exchange ideas on anything ---from food to fashion to tourist attraction.

These photos we had in our last Paris trip last October 2006 just seemed very memorable to me. All of us agreed what a wonderful place it is here, in this simple, green park full of lovely, lovely, trees. We all thought we had seen this place in a Calendar or something. Alas on 2007, we'd seen KC Concepcion on television featuring her experiences in Paris and guess what? Many of the shots were taken on the very place we are in. That means even celebrities like this spot!

But i am not talking about KC or any bloody celebrity here. I am talking about my sisters who had been my constant companions for many of my travels and travails. I am talking about the leaves that are falling on the ground that all came from the same tree. I cannot possibly compare ourselves to leaves, because we are human beings. But why is it that we need to be separated just like the leaves? Because each of us has its own family now. Because each of us cannot just stay together in one roof. Because each of us has its own life to live. Okay, i know that but i just miss them terribly and i love them terribly....We might be like leaves being taken by the wind everywhere , but we came from the same root, from the same tree... and i always cherished that salad moments that we shared. I am always praying that may they have wonderful life and be happy with the choices they made. Well, here are some photos...

Here's me contemplating how beautiful this spot is....

My sister Babylon holding Prisco who was not feeling well that time.

My sister Phoebe who really gave her best for the shot!



Janine said...

yay, love the place too..thanks for the shring the pic to us..those bg is indeed the trees..anyways. thanks a lot for the visit and for the kind and inspiring comments you posted on my after 7 days huh..will keep that in mind..heheh

jana said...

wow ka lingaw ba aning mag sisters oi pwede apil ko hihihihi,
salamat sa visit dear friends hai ka demanding gyud aning blogging lagi labi na gyud if maninuod gyud kag wait sa ginagmay na money, ka nice diha mah friend oi

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

hi prily =)your right, my sisters and I too may part ways and live different lives but we are "leaves" that come from the same tree and branch. nice post, i was really touched =)

Lynn said...

Very touching story, cuz. It really feels good to have a sister. Glad we have sisters unlike the others.

Anyway, i have a tag for u..worldwide linky love at my Sweet Temptation. Take care!

NoTy But Nice Zhoe said...

wow.. that was a hot shot hehe... nice pics... wish i could take a photo there too.. heheh

Shiela said...

wow. nice shots. your lucky you have i'm alone. nevermind i have 2 lovely daughters.

btw, are you enjoying scotland? tugnaw gihapon no?

My journey said...

Your lucky Prily coz you have your sisters with you in your travels.Dream gyd nako na makaabot pod ako family dri sa France labi na ako papa ug sister.