Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bloggerwave is Waving at Bloggers!

I am so excited today that I got approved with bloggerwave. Guess what? They will give you 10 dollars right away as an incentive. Not bad,huh? I think it’s a cool offer to make money. To bloggers like me, let's blog more, sign-up with Bloggerwave and enjoy the benefits. Now, you can click this badge and you're on your way. Goodluck to all of us!


earthlingorgeous said...

Congratulations! Let's have fun blogging and earning at the same time! :) Kamusta na!

Oh btw! You've been tagged see my post Tagging along for instructions, hope you participate this will be good for the ratings :D

jana said...

manai kalami ba nimo diha oi naa nasad ka sa gensan, ikumusta lang ko diha, hai ang panga tawun! enloy ur visit, i miss u my dear friend!

Vincent Bautista said...

Bloggerwave huh? I'll check this out! Thanks for the referral. ^_^

Oh yeah, is the real thing. I see you joined it already.

Happy earning hehehe.

earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Prily! How have you been? Hope you are doing fine :) I am tagging you :) to make your statement of gratitude... see my blog for details :)

Happy Weekend friend :)

Amor said...

Congrats Prily! sorry ha if karon rako ka visit nmo usab,na-a gihapon man gud ko trangkaso.Have a nice day!

Ely said...

Bago to ah. Thanks for posting the link, i'm signing up!

blessedmom said...

hi prily! how are u? hope everythin's fine. congrats for getting approved for bloggerwave. my blog is not 90 days old yet so as much as i wanted to join, i can't due to that requirement. :( anyway, hope u have a great day! take care! :)