Thursday, March 20, 2008

On The Hill Far-Away

Today is Holy Friday and in the Philippines, as a predominantly Roman Catholic country, we have our own version of Pilgrimage. Today, i woke up early & went with Auntie Lilian & his family to Shrine Hills in Matina,Davao City. I'm not originally from Davao but my companions are pioneers of this city and they're doing this ritual every year,every Good Friday. So, i went with them,contemplated and observed(and they do have different atmosphere here in celebrating Lenten Season).Back in my hometown,General Santos City,it is very quiet and old-fashioned...

Anyway,there are 14 Stations of the Cross,namely:1)Jesus is condemned to death;2)Jesus takes the Cross;3)Jesus falls the first time;4)Jesus meets his Mother Mary;5)Simon help carry the Cross;6)Veronica wipes the face of Jesus;7)Jesus falls for the second time;8)The women of Jerusalem weep;9)Jesus falls the third time;10)Jesus is stripped of his garments;11)Jesus is nailed to the Cross;12)Jesus is raised up on the Cross and dies;13)Jesus is taken down from the Cross;14)Jesus is laid on the tomb. These fourteen Stations represent the Passion of Christ.(To have bigger image,please click the photo).

So,we started our walk of course from the First Station. There are so many people and this will be up to the whole day today.Most of the people are bringing candles and they will light each candle from station to station. It's probably 5 to 8 minutes walk from one station to the other(and it really depends how fast you walk!).

In every station,people will stop and pray.After few minutes they will continue to move on to the next station.

You might observe here that some people are taking advantage of the situation.There are so many business-minded people that are selling everything---toys,fans,food,water and beverages,accessories,clothes,etc..etc...(it's a good chance for these small and medium businessmen because all the malls are close today!).I am just wondering if i can bring my husband here the next time? He is claustrophobic!

I can't believe it's like fiesta in some point here.Some places in Cebu(but not in Bantayan Island where they have food---especially roasted pork called lechon and lots of drinks the whole day!) and other parts of Luzon celebrate Lenten season in a very old-fashioned way!Some people even nailed themselves on the cross!(I should have a pic of that one when i went to Cavite one time!)

And finally,we reach our destination...

Each place has it's unique way of celebrating their faith.I grew up a Roman Catholic and my father is a very conservative Roman Catholic. But i also married a Baptist.We respect each other.
I want to end this entry with what the famous French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal said,"HEART HAS ITS REASONS WHICH REASON DOES NOT KNOW."Faith can only be felt by the heart,never with any reason.That's why science and religion can never get along very well!


Miah Laborte said...

waaaahhh.. I MISS DAVAO na tuloy.... last year we went to shrine hills too at 3:00 am i think, we walked from our house in Matina Aplaya to Shrine Hills and stop at each station... it was a great experience really.. the view at the top of the hill was so beautiful diba? hay... want to go back home na.. wahhhh.... :( (teary eyed na ako)

Shravan said...

awesome post!!!

Very nice pictures!! keep it up..

If u like my site, maybe we can exchange links!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Prily,
So you were still in the Philippines when you made this post. It's a good thing that you were able to observe the traditional holy week celebration in the Philippines. Happy Easter to you all. God bless you and your family always.

Dana said...

Nice post here...My wife's from Manaoag,where the famous Our Lady of Manaoag is located...and there's also procession there...She used to attend procession every holy week..

jana said...

dear oi mayka diha kay naka apil ka huhuhu ang pagka pala simbe nawala mn dri oi kay wala kaayu catholic church dri unlike cebu nga halos everyday naa ko simbahan, =) oi i like u so much i read ur profile ba to, hhhmmm i bet u click gyud ta ani kay mga religiuos girl hehehe, na touch gyud ko sa imo gi write...
now i am your fan hehehe

Lalaine said...

daghana tao ba?

on this part of the world, dli mabaw-an na Holy week na diay..I didn't even know about it til my cousin blogged about it.

HAve a blessed weekend PRiL!

Ms L. said...

hello po we love your blog and we are going to add you to our blogroll:) Happy easter!!

- Jaylaine