Saturday, March 1, 2008

Flying with my Wings

With two kids in tow,i know traveling is not that easy!Passing through security checks,checking-in,carrying lots of cargoes,and the most important cargoes---my kids,i guarantee you that travel will be travail at some point. This makes traveling so stressful. My new baby boy at 5 months old had his first flight with nation's carrier,Cebu Pacific. We had to go to Manila last December to apply for his Canadian Citizenship. I know i can go there myself to apply carrying all those documents,but i wanna see the thrill on my baby's face while flying,plus my first child,Prisco is just crazy about flying(he'll probably be a pilot one day and who knows Baby Cam also?).

And his first flight?Just an amazing experience! You know i hated standing up right away when the plane landed(and it hated me most when people turn on their cellphones right away in the middle of landing and while the plane is in taxi!). And so, i just waited and when it's our turn to get up with not so many people anymore,we said hello to the pilot and the crew and told them what a great first flight for my baby boy. And then, i asked the pilot if it was possible for my toddler to take a look of the cockpit,you know just a little peek because i know how curious he is about planes. And to my great surprise,the pilot said to us,"You wanna go and see and let them touch the buttons?". I said, Oh,really? That's okay?" And,definitely it was 100%okay. You can see by the photos i posted how my kids had enjoyed the moment. And so, i would like to thank the kind pilot and his co-pilot by being so courteous. You just made my kids incredibly happy!

I enjoyed it myself! The tiredness just disappeared. That first flight of Baby Cam was just amazing. And another amazing thing? I just got the chance of taking photo of the plane's tail with the beautiful sunset on the background.(I just adore the sun so much!).I can't ever forget that moment. I am soooo lucky to have captured it! Holding two kids, it will never be an excuse that you can't take an image of a once-in-a-lifetime scenery. Surely, i would find a way!(How i did it? It's my secret!).


Anonymous said...

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Lalaine said...

hi prily!!wow!you truly had a good trip travelling alone with 2 kids..I can;t imagine how you managed.

Norm said...

wow! great photos, buti naman nag enjoy yang mga kids mo. Pril, can I ask you? saang part ng Canada ka nag apply ng citizenship? I live here near Toronto Canada kasi. Musta ang application mo? ok na?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You have such a wonderful family. It's so nice that the pilots were so nice to let your kids see the cockpit. That must be some thrill for them. Give my regards to your life and your wonderful kids. God bless you all. Please link my other blog- Points of View with url:

Aisha said...

That is awesome they allowed you and the kids to see the cockpit, very kind of them! I added you to my blogroll :D