Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Mass of the Pope

What would you feel when you hear the mass of the Pope? You feel the sense of Holiness as well. You feel so complete, so peaceful, so content, so happy, so special, so human, so lucky, so blessed...I can't express how i felt. My emotions are so overwhelming that i just cried and just hugged my husband!

There are always thousands and thousands of people who will be attending the mass. If you really want to get a seat near the Pope, you should go very very early. When we went it was Thursday and the mass started at 9 am. Even if we only saw Pope Benedict XVI more on the screen,the clearness of his voice,his mere presence in the vicinity,it was more than enough to make our trip so memorable.

Now that it is Lenten Season,i am very sure that thousands and thousands are flocking again to see Roma. Even if you're not a Roman Catholic,you will feel the Holiness of the place.

I love Roma. I love Italy. Why? I will tell you more next time. Have a blessed and reflective Easter to all!


earthlingorgeous said...

I definitely agree the presence of the Pope itself gives you the divine feeling and blessing. I was able to be beside Pope John Paul II when he was here in Philippine for the World Youth Day and it was an amazing experience. What more there in Rome. WOW!

Happy Easter! and to celebrate this wonderful day, Tag you are it! See my blog and follow instructions :) mwah talk to you soon! :)

Shravan said...

happy easter!! added your blog dear!!

Do check again if u have my blog!!

Seeya!! And next time pls comment on my last post!!

Take care

earthlingorgeous said...

friend I added your page to my other blog too ok? ingats!

Babette said...

Hello Prily, I'm looking forward to seeing Pope Benedict this summer when I go to Rome. How long is the whole thing, is it about an hour or is it more?

Definitely Maybe!
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