Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prisco's Early Days in Scotland

Our Dependent Visas arrive today from the UK Embassy in Makati and I was extremely delighted.So this means my time in the Philippines is limited.My first son,Prisco Samuel was born September 12,2003 at Aberdeen,Scotland .We spent most of his early months there(from birth to 7 months) although in between those months we keep on traveling vice versa Canada,Philippines and anywhere in the UK.We are looking forward to go back there and live there again .That will be for 3 or 4 years( our visas indicated that it will expire till 2012).So,this means there’ll be lots of time to see more of Europe! This is an expatriate life and though it is stressful sometimes the rare opportunity to travel is a great blessing!


Amor said...

Ka cute ni Prisco dri Prily,lami kaayo sya kissan ug kusion iya cheek hehhee.Wow!balik napod mo diri sa europe,hope we'll have a chance to see each other in the future.

Unsa yahoo id nimo Prily pra chta sa messenger?if u don't mind.

Hve a nice day!

Lalaine said...

yeah I agree all these visa stuffs are stressful and so are crossing borders/immigrations and processing other documents (in our case)..but it's worthwhile at the end coz as you said we get the rare opportunities to travel..:)

How long were you staying in the Phils na diay?

Babette said...

Hi Prily, wish you the best on your move to Scotland. Kids are very resilient and adopt real fast to their surroundings. :)

Definitely Maybe!
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earthlingorgeous said...

awww you'll be leaving soon... hope we can talk some more probably exchange e-mails :) I messaged you last night I dunno if you got it :) take care and have a safe trip:)

Vincent Bautista said...

Hi Prily! Sorry for the mix up at one of my comments. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love your blog. It is very honest and very true to yourself. I also love the accompanying pictures! Your babies are just simply adorable.

Anyway, I would love to exchange links with you. I've already added you up! Please link my blogs up too, &

Thanks! ^_^

Bluebirdy said...

Hey Prily;
Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I am in Canada too. Would you please ask your husband if he knew people in Nova Scotia that had such problems with the Canadian medical system? Nova Scotia seems a world away from me. Probaly thousands of kilometers, but still the same country, but a bit different culture. I always wished to live around the world and travel around the world. My hubby has tried for 4 years now to get to me in Canada. VERY stressful! Happy first day of Spring! BE HAPPY THAT THE LORD IS RISEN!
Blessings, Bluebirdy

happymommy said...

oh wow! how i envy u! u get to visit almost all of Europe! :)that's one of my dreams actually :)love the pics of ur babies! cutee! :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Prily,
I hope you do well in UK. Yes, it's a thrill of a lifetime to be able to travel to so many parts of the world. Just don't forget your homespun values. They will serve you well anywhere else in the world. And do keep on blogging. God bless you all.