Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Night Sky of Paris

With the panoramic view of Paris all around you,with the enigmatic,vibrating charm of the sights and sounds of the city plus the mesmerizing view of the Eiffel Tower plus with someone who holds you tenderly forever(not mentioning the succulent dishes!)---all these and more are more than what anyone can wish for in celebrating a natal day. Yes,my 31st Birthday(October 2006)--- another surprise from my darling husband---a special fine dining at "Le Ciel de Paris" right at the top of the city's tallest building --- the Montparnasse Tower. The name of the restaurant is synonymous to that of "the Sky of Paris".It was my first time to eat "hare a la royale". And oh,Yes, i wouldn't forget the foie gras!


Lynn said...

Wow! Lover's in Paris. Hehe! The food looks yummy. Can i have a bite? Lol.

Lalaine said...

wow! what a romantic bday uy! grabee!!!, eiffel tower, Mona Lisa....when can I see you for real???will it just be in my dreams??hahaha!

Lynn said...

ewww...just found out...ngano naa man na "'s" ako lovers oi. wa nakit-an. sorry cuz. hehehe.

Amor said...

Wow! ka sweet!great gift for a great woman.I love foie gras,hmmm yummy!I bet that night is one of your memorable moments of ur life.