Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random Thought About Me

My cousin Lyn tagged me about 10 Random Thoughts About Me while my friend Shiela tagged me about 8 Random Thoughts About Me. To make the matter simplier, i am going to tell one random fact about me(sorry for the modification, my great blogging buddies!).

I love surprising people most especially the people closest to me. Example 1:My Indonesian friend in Malaysia really likes Filipino "leche flan",a kind of dessert that my friend likened to a caramel.She loves and loves it a lot. Last January,i went to Malaysia to visit her. She can't believe that i carried in my hand a caramel dessert that she's really craving for .I hadn't told her that i'll gonna bring her some.Oh, you should have seen the surprise expression on her face! And yes,she ate the leche flan everyday for one week!

Example 2: I remembered long time ago how my friend Peachy likes Regine Velasquez a lot. So,after long time that we hadn't seen each other i visited her in General Santos City(the home of Manny Pacquiao!) last December carrying something for her kids and a Christmas card for her. I put them all together in one gift bag. We chatted and then she opened what's inside the bag---the last of the present was unexpected--- a CD Collection of all Regine V's songs(all songs featured in all her movies). She hadn't had that one and you should see that expression on her face!Not to mention the big scream of OWWWW!!!

There are lots of instances that i surprised people and i cannot tell it all here. I just really love that surprised expressions! This is me,sometimes i am very spontaneous!

Now, i am passing this random thought to my new blogging friend Wendy. Thanks for being such a nice person to me in the blogosphere.


Lalaine said...

wow! you're such a thoughtful and creative friend,Pril! You go beyond your way to make others happy and that's an admirable trait! God bless you!!

btw, naga sout ko ug saree before..katong niwang pa ko..hhahaha! now, my sarees dont fit me anymore so i better lose some weight pa..LOL!

Normz said...

hello guapa! human naman taka gi add sa tanan sites nako akong gigamit sa imoha PRILY dugay na baya na add nako si lynn gani give permero sa imong link lagi tan-awa naay prily, ingna lang ko basin naa pakay sites dugang give me the link ha, take care always..

Amor said...

Ka sweet and thoughtful nimo na friend Prily,your friends are so blessed and lucky for having you as a friend.Unta daghan pa ang parehas nimo :)