Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kids' Easter Party at NCCC

I have no idea there is this Kids' Easter Affair at NCCC Mall not until i do my grocery shopping at their supermarket . Guess,sometimes we're just at the right place at the right time. Prisco and my youngest sister,Pearlysoul are very excited. Baby Cam doesn't know it yet,but he's "in" for a good time! Miss Bunny Rabbit is the gracious host of the party.
All the kids and the mommies are having fun(uhmmm,times like these made me think how i wish i will be a kid again! I never had this experience when i was small! But i guess,i am reborn through my kids!). Anyway, the whole afternoon of fun consists of the following: Magic Show,Balloon Twisting, Parlor Games, and Mascot Parade.

Prisco is very focused with his task. Coloring is very good for his motor skills. He even colored 3 bunny rabbits! Not bad for a 4 year old!
Look at this photo. Had you noticed what happen to the egg Prisco is holding? He ate the half already! Seems obvious...look at the table!
Easter is associated with eggs and rabbits and sweeties for the kids. And look at how Baby Cam is making a mess(Prisco don't appreciate this!). Guess he also likes to eat the egg!
My sister Pearlysoul won the coloring contest. Prisco is very proud to be a participant eventhough he didn't win. Do you think he'll win if they also have toddler's category? Look how big the other participants are! I think he's the smallest!
And here are the 3 bunny rabbits Prisco had colored. We have fun! And Baby Cam? He slept half of the program!


Lynn said...

Cute kaayo si prisco tanawon naggunit sa itlog pa pati si cam pud.

I really hope u can make it this friday, cuz. It's yogi's 5th bday. Ingatz.

earthlingorgeous said...

wow looks so fun :) kaya pala mega busy mom kahapon :)

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happymommy said...

seems like u really had fun! can't wait for my baby to get older so he can enjoy the easter as much as u did. :) take care always! :)

♥ Babydoll ♥ said...

Hello just dropping by here. You have a happy family.

Keep blogging sister..

xroads_empress said...

hey there.

it's really nice to know that you have a very happy family. I really like your post, it reminds me of my mom, you resemble her, really! I bet you are just as caring and loving as her.

Keep it up.

if you have time then please do drop by my page, I'm just new here, hehe.


FreEzEBoX said...

wow.. wat a talented child.. nagmana ba sa ina? hehe.. anyways congratz.. malayo pa ang mararating niya mam..

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

ang cute ni Prisco! =) he seems to be having fun talaga. ang saya sa malls these days noh! Butch and I went to trinoma last sunday and they also had an easter activity for kids as well. Take care Prily =)

Norm said...

wow! party at NCCC of Davao ka nindot ani oi, gimingaw jud ko sa NCCC Davao ba...great pics sis happy weekend..