Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Small Feet,Big Leap

Yesterday was an important milestone of my 4-year old toddler,Prisco Samuel.I know we miss his Dad who is working away in the NorthSea…but anyway,yesterday was their Moving Up Ceremony at Tumble Tots International-Davao.I am a proud mom because he finished this school year(2007-2008) as a well-rounded kid. His social aspect is excellent. He became self-confident. I was so worried before because he used to be very shy.But oh now,he is good in dealing with his classmates and to all other people. I don’t expect him to memorize lots of theories.As a matter-of-fact I just want him to enjoy learning through playing.I congratulate you,my son Prisco!You’ll be reading this blog when you grow up and you know that I am very proud of you!I know you’re looking forward to your new school in Kintore,Aberdeenshire,Scotland but I also know that you’ll be missing your friends here in the Philippines,most especially your classmates and your teacher,Teacher Pat. I want to extend my sincerest thanks to the people in Tumble Tots International(in the photo with us is Ms.Joji Ilagan Jao-Bian,the founder of Tumble Tots Philippines). We know we made a good choice in choosing your school.To you,my son,remember our special words?I love you so much!Again,Congratulation and you still have a very long way to go!


happymommy said...

Oh, that's so sweet! You're a very good mom. I know how proud you are as a mom when your child accomplishes something, or does something good. I am happy for you. :)

Amor said...

I know how happy and proud you are as a mommy seeing Prisco doing good at school.Nasa Davao diay mo karon,asa dapit mo nag stay karon didto Prily kay taga Davao baya ko.

Mommy Ruby said...

hey there! i didn't knew you were a bisaya. i am from cagayan de oro. proud bisdak!! anyway, i am so happy for your son. he looks very confident. i wish him and you all the best in scotland. i hope he makes more good friends there!!

Pinay Mommy