Saturday, March 15, 2008

KL's Power

I was enamored when i first arrived in Malaysia last 2004.Such a beautiful country with one of the most beautiful airports in the world!But i don't wanna talk about their airport this time(that would be another blog!).

The Petronas Tower or the Twin Towers---the most visible landmark of Kuala Lumpur just took my breath away everytime i'll go to KL.It is the symbol of Malaysia's splendor, pride and honor as a country.Between 1998 to 2004,the Twin Towers was dubbed as the World's tallest building surpassed only by Taipie 101 last 2004.The nearest hotel connected to the building is the Mandarin Oriental & we just love this spacious hotel!It is also very convenient to shop at one of the biggest malls in Malaysia---the KLCC Suria,not to mention the super-nice park called the KLCC Park.Prisco just spent lots of time here!From the park,you just walk going to the renowned Aquaria---an oceanarium that can be compared to that of Singapore's Underwaterworld,Manila's or Hongkong's Ocean Park.

I know i will blog many things about Malaysia because i had stayed there for 3.5 years.From Sabah to KL from KL to Terengganu.And now,i am becoming nostalgic thinking about this amazing place in Asia. I'll be coming again,Malaysia!And the next time that we'll come back my new Baby boy Cameron will gonna play and waddle in the park!

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Amor said...

Beautiful pics girl!same as the one in the picture :)What's the life being an expat in Malaysia Prily? 3 years,dugay pod mo noh.

Have a nice day friend!