Sunday, March 30, 2008

Customer Care With No Care

I'd been away for some time because my internet connection had been down. It was terrible---can't update my blog, can't chat with my husband, all the things that i wanna do online i cannot do). I understand that sometimes shit happens!(Am sorry for the swearing, but i do swear sometimes when my patience reached its boiling point!).
My connection had been down since last Thursday. I'd been waiting and waiting. I called the friendly and lousy customer service representatives (dialled 171,172,173 whatever numbers i could grasp!)...all with the same answers: your problem had been reported,you'll expect an answer between 24-48 hours). Okay,i said. So, i went to General Santos City till Saturday and has to answer the people on my message board last friday in the internet cafe. Saturday i came back in Davao. Turned-on the PC, still no connection and talked to the same lousy customer care representatives. Today,very first thing in the morning i cannot control my anger anymore and wanted to talk to a person with authority who will hear no stories and make utmost attention. So there... A woman with blubbering mouth complaining telling how upset i am and that i am a good customer,paying my bills ontime(almost 4,000 pesos a month! just for this bloody internet and i really don't care about the price i pay as long as the service is outstanding!) but didn't get the best service. Oh well, enough is enough...i confronted and evaporated like a volcano...
Lessons learned:
Sometimes in our country,if you'll not be cruel or aggressive,people will not give you the best attention that is possible for every consumer.
Custumer care is so lousy. Actually, they had been useless all the way!
I pity myself: because i think i got some wrinkles getting angry over these things!hehehe! But who cares? As long as i am fighting for my rights--- for a better service. Now,the connection is back and so is my good mood! ( sometimes things like these,no matter how tiny really made me sweat!). It's not nice but i just want good value for the good price that i am paying!).
Oh,well i am going to UK few days from now. I'm sure customer care there is better. I am just hoping that customer care in our country will improve. Quality service in our country is still very far behind compared to other countries like Canada(which by the way the quality service is commendable!). I wanna come back here next time in our country and hopefully will be happy with the customer care representative that i will be talking. Atleast, i will not have these few wrinkles that i have now! Now, i have to smile a lot again and get rid of these!


Lynn said...

elow cuz! u amused me. knowing u being so cheerful, never thought u could erupt like a volcano too. lol. don't let them ruin your day, cuz. they won't pay for your fine line removal anyway. lol. u take care and cheer up! (",)

shimumsy said...

i really understand how you feel and no internet for even just a day these day and age would make you feel out of this world.
hope you will be problem free with your connection.

keep smiling.

jana said...

ana gyud mah friend kay FAET kaayu ang pinas ug dili nimo atimanun wa gyud pasagdaan ra sd ka nila, ka mahal ba anang imung payment sa internet oi, miss u friend and thx for the comment oi have a safe trip ok and keep in touch always

earthlingorgeous said...

ah I feel for you there friend I just can imagine how you erupted... it happened to me a few days ago with my server too... bad bad customer service hahaha :) but hoooray scotty is coming :) inggit ako! hahaha!