Monday, March 31, 2008

Packing:Constant Part of Expat Life

Everytime our things are packed it signifies only one thing : we're on a move again. The idea excites us because it means traveling again!
Last 2003,we moved from Scotland to Sabah. 2005 from Sabah to Terengganu. 2006 from Terengganu to Davao(because we're not allowed to go with my husband to Chad,North Africa!It was a rotation job and it's better for us to be in the Philippines since i was also pregnant that time(And Chad is not a family location!).Now, April 2008 and Baby Cam is 8 months old and Prisco just finished Right Start Level 2 from TumbleTots, so timely to be back again in Scotland.
Now, isn't it being an expat also like a pingpong ball?hehehe!But it's fun,really it is...despite the travails of traveling, we are loving it and appreciating it. Now, i have to finish this post(before the connection gets down again!). Gotta sort out what to bring and what will not . This is never ending sorting!


Lynn said...

Wow! Those boxes filed that way looks cute. Akin na lang yang isang box, cuz. Hehe. Anyway, i got the survey. It's in my sweet temptation. Thanks for the info ha. I have another survey at my Chic Spot too cuz. Did that one last week pa. Take care. Mwah!

AiDiSan said...

Hi Prily,

You reminded me of my former classmate who is now married with an AirForce, they move from one country to another, good thing, the whole family especially the kids got used to it.

Stay cool!

Amy said...

hi prily, daghan kaaung salamat sa bisita.. very much appreciated:)

wish you & family un trés bon voyage! take care..

Lalaine said...

woohh!! so, you stayd in Sabah and Terrangganu sad diay!..hahahah! grabe ba? murag makalipong sad ang inyong routa..hhhaha!!

UNsa gani diay toud job sa imo bana?

Shiela said...

that's a lot.

anyway, now that your husband is back. your gonna be off again to a cold place. nag snow ra ba dire karon...tugnaw kaayo :~)