Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grandiose Great Wall

It looks like a huge dragon that is zigzagging,criss-crossing over the mountains and then hovering,flying towards the sky. It might be likened to a flying eagle turned upward or a silver snake dancing over the hills. This is the Great Wall of China but it does not only belong to China, it belongs to the World since it is a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. And yes, China is indeed very lucky to have such lasting,persevering monument.

I can't imagine how many poor people died just to build this great engineering feat which involves rebuilding and expansion for over 2000 years by over 30 empires across a long span of history! It might be 2 million people?3 million?4 million? nobody ever knew, but scientists believed it is more than 2 million. What a great sacrifice of lives! And the result? It became a world wonder.

My family visited it last 2005 and till now my mind is still in awe. It has always been the symbol of China---the symbol of the world's sleeping dragon.According to astronauts Neil Armstrong,Jim Lovell & Jim Irwin, the Great Wall is visible from the moon.Would you believe it? More aptly said, it can be seen from the Earth's orbit.

I love these lines about the famous wall...
"The wall stands silently--enduring the passage of time,of greeting the change of seasons. If the wall could talk, it would have many stories to tell. If you listen long enough, maybe you will hear one."


Amor said...

Hello Prily,
Kumusta man ka girl?!wow! you've been to great wall of China,hope to go there too.Was it a long walk??
By the way,I can't view the photos,excited pa naman ko makita.

Have a nice weekend girl!

TroubleX2 said...

What a history! I would love to be able to visit The Great Wall some day. You're so lucky! Love the pictures :)

Amor said...

Hello Prily,
I can see all the photos in your blog except on this post,maybe I have a problem on my browser I think.
Oo ba,mag videoke ta dri pag magkita ta puhon :)
Asa diayka karon nakabase?abi gyd nako na-a ka sa UK.
Ako sad,I know that you're nice,jolly and friendly,unta duol rata dri noh,para chika to the max.
Sge ingat my friend!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Indeed the Great Wall of China is a great testament to the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people. It is the one great heritage that they can be truly proud of. It's so nice that
you and your family were able to see this great wonder of the world. Could we exchange links? I have already linked you with my blog. I hope you do the same with mine. Thanks for the great post. God bless you and your family always.

Lalaine said...

wow! prily, you're so blessed to be able to walk on this magnificent wall..ako ani, in my dreams nalang taman..hahaha!

Take care!!

-Wendy- said...

This is one of the places I wanna visit. i just saw a documentary about it on discovery and they say walking on it is tiring. I don't care I still wanna go.

Amor said...

Finally,I was able to view the pics.Beautiful!