Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catching up with Ate Sonia

Yesterday i was not in the computer and i had accomplished wonderful things and the best one? I had a wonderful time with one of my great Filipina friends in Aberdeen. Her name is Ate Sonia. Ah, with lots of catching up and excitement, i didn't even get the chance to take any photo yesterday!!! Oh well, that is okay, as i will always have more of bonding moments in the future with her.

So, anyway,yesterday after fetching my son from school, we hopped in the bus, and went to the town center. That will be where we will be meeting Ate Sonia at the Bon Accord Center in a mall called Mark and Spencer. So, we arrived there around 1 pm. What would you expect for us to do? Do some window shopping and yes, unnecessary shopping (this always happens!). So, anyway, we got really good bargains! This time i didn't buy for myself, but a really nice slacks for my mom. I want to shop again when my mother-in-law will be here as we always love shopping together. But anyway, i got some few stuffs yesterday, mostly for my kids.

So, after couple hours in Mark and Spencer, we went straight to their house and had some tea and yummy muffins. Prisco and Cameron were playing with William's (Ate Sonia's son who is already 8 years old)) toys. William arrived at 3 pm, and very,very excited to play with Prisco and Cameron, but the whole time with Prisco. He is just like a big brother to Prisco. (I realized that kids at this age are not anymore so selfish with their toys! When William was 3.5 years before the last time i saw him, no kids can mess up his toys! But wow, i saw big difference in him now!)

So, the thing is : i had really wonderful time with Ate Sonia until 7:30 pm, the time when hubby fetched us. I had dinner there as well. Sometimes, it is just nice for us, girls, to spend time with great friends. You know, share your "sometimes lonesome married life." Hey, who does not have little confrontation with their partners? If you tell me that you got perfect marriage, wow, then, you are lying! But it is good to let your burstings out with trusted friends, you know. So, that's what me and Ate Sonia are doing. We are just like sisters, you see. Each of us has our own issues in our marital domicile, and sometimes, if you just kept it in yourself, pretend that everything is alright, i believe, it is not healthy. So, that is why we have friends, that is why we have ladies' hour!

So, i spent 6 wonderful hours with Ate Sonia. We talked about the last 4 and a half years that we hadn't seen each other --- the experiences, the highlights, etc... And when i arrived home, i was in good spirit and even accomplished one major task --- organizing our travel receipts that will be submitted to the company. I swear i should have done that long time ago, but wow, smashing--- one less major task done yesterday.

I just think spending great time with wonderful people once in a while is an energy booster! Do you agree? I would agree!

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Lynn said...

I definitely agree, Cuz! Glad u have your Ate Sonia to talk to. We need to talk to someone especially during those times that we're down and all. It's hard to just keep it to ourselves right? We need an outlet and that's what friends are for, more often than not. Hehe.

All the best for u, CUz!