Thursday, June 12, 2008

World of WarCraft Song!

Mana Mana!!!!Mana Mana!!!My husband and my son had been humming this song for quite some time and i keep on asking them, "what is that all about?" And then, my husband had checked the youtube and showed the video-- this video to my son. Now, the melody is on my head as well and sure thing,my husband and my son called me and wanted me to join them watch the video. I want to share it here so you will have fun as well. Who really cares about this hilarious song and video? But mind you, for people who love the World of WarCraft like my husband, this video made their day! Sure it did make my day as well and my son's day who is still humming the song and saying, " Mana Mana Dooo Dooo Dooo Dooo Dooo Dooo Dooo Dooo.....!"

I asked my husband if what is mana,anyway? He told me that a mana is like a sort of energy used by magic users to cast spell, either to heal or to destroy.

World of Warcraft or in short, WOW is an online role-playing game set in the Warcraft Universe. My husband's character is Wilgore. Wilgore is a shaman. I do not know if i want to make my character as well, but probably not, i will just do blogging. But if i will gonna choose a character it will be a Holy Priest and i will name it "PRAYLE"(a name which was popular during Spanish colonization in the Philippines). Prayle means priest or friar and it is actually how my name usually being pronounced! So, i will be Prayle in WOW and i will be singing "Mana!Mana!"....


E-Tavasi said...

Prily hehehe :D I play warcraft too , i like strategy games
:) hehehe... yes mana mana...

here the song is..

tut..tut... tut.. tut.. mana mana...
tut.. tut.. mana mana... tut.. mana mana..

End of the youtube
What is mana mana ? who care.. hahaha

Belen said...

Ok ang Mana mana ah.A simple or happy song makes a house a happy home.

Herson Juego said...

If playing DoTA or Warcraft is a crime, then I must be one hell of a criminal hehe :) I must admit, there's something in Warcraft that I simply can't refuse, or stop playing.