Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First and Last

Okay, this is my second tag for today and the last for today. I cannot really do all in one day! This one is from Jona Thanks,my dear!


First real job: Teacher

First screen name: screen name? i am not a celebrity!hehehehe! i don't have screen name!

First funeral: i cannot remember!

First pet: dog

First piercing: On my ears (can't remember when exactly, but when i was a child!)

First tattoo: never

First credit card: Banco de Oro

First kiss: my parents

First enemy: uhmmmm, do i have one? hehehehe.


Last car ride: last night

Last kiss: this morning (uhmmm, let me think, did my husband kiss me before he left from work? hehehe. yup!

I am tagging my cousin Lynn. I wanna thank you for being always there! Have a great month of June!


Jona said...

thanks for doing the tag. kindly add the participants list to it then put your blog's name title on the list well.

have a great day! :-)

Lynn said...

Thanks a lot for this tag, cuz! Will grab this later right after i'm done with the opp para naa koy filler. (",)

Take care always. Hugs!