Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Luxury that is Sleep

I learned from Kindergarten that, "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wise." I think i had followed that advice perfectly during my childhood days until highschool days. Uhmmm, not perfectly during college days and on my late 20's, but atleast 75% i did! But right after having a baby, forget it! Just now, i think i slept only 3 or 4 hours lastnight, not to mention the fact that i keep on waking up. The thing is when i get up on the night--- change the baby, feed him, it is very difficult for me to go back to bed again(especially now that even at midnight, outside it is still bright! and at 3 or 4 in the morning it is starting to get bright again!).

Oh well, i envy those people who can drowse so easily because i cannot really do that! My baby boy would cry on the night and i think subconsciously, i hear it and just in an instant, i will get up and appease him. So, really sleep, sleep is something a luxury for me now. I am thinking before when i was a child or a teenager, we don't have a comfortable bed, just a bamboo bed. That was very, very hard on our backs, with only a mat on it. But, wow, how sound was my sleep! Considering that we were so crowded in a bed like a can of sardines, but wow,we managed! I even experienced sleeping just on the ground (yup on a sand!)with just a mat, still i slept! But that was before when i didn't even care if a rat will bite my legs (and yup, one time or twice or thrice or more? a rat did bit my leg!). But who cares? I survived. But now, i got a very comfortable bed with the soft cushions you can imagine, but really why i cannot sleep? And with just one burst of my baby, i got up straight, and yup, cannot anymore go back to bed. Oh well, what can i say? I think life goes on... and yes, it is really true..."Money can buy a bed, maybe the best bed in the world, but not sleep!"


Even Angels Fall said...

I do think that as you grow older. sleep becomes more a luxury than a necessity. Many are the times i just want to get home from work and sleep, but the minute i lay my head down, sleep flies out of the window. Sometimes I'm not thinking about anything, but i simply cannot sleep. All i can think of at that time is - the longer i take to fall asleep, the less sleep hours i get, which s going to affect my performance know the chain.

Nice post!

Mummy Sheng said...

you're right...sleep will definitely be a luxury for new mums and mums again. hard but that's part of it. you have survived the worst times and being a 2nd time mum, you'll surely get over it! a few more months and baby cam will surely doze off trhough the night. do you time feed him? i did kaiden. we timed it every 3 hours the first few months so i know when the next feeding time will be (the milk will just be spurting after 3 hours).

motherhood ... both sacrifice and bliss!

Bryan J said...

Maybe one day he will cook for you, it's never to late, maybe he will surprise you one day. Take care

Lynn said...

Money can buy bed but not sleep...

Exactly cuz! Very well said! (",)

Lalaine said...

it's okay Pril..a few more months to go, then your baby can sleep through the night, then you too can sleep straight...unless a 3rd baby is coming next...hehehee!!