Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Son's School Nursery

Welcome to Kintore School Nursery! This is Prisco's School Nursery here in Kintore, Aberdeenshire. This is not very far from where we live,so it is very handy for me since i don't drive. Prisco likes it here a lot! We are delighted that we find a good school for him that will make his childhood's time a positive, productive and enjoyable one. He will gonna enter primary one in August, so he will gonna be in another level. I am sure it will be a kinda new challenge for him but knowing how supportive the school is, i am quite sure that he will adjust to it very easily ( as he had adjusted from Philippine setting to British setting. That was very good we had enrolled him in International School back home under the British System of education).

At Kintore Nursery, they aim to:
=) Provide a safe and stimulating environment, in which children feel happy and secure
=) Encourage the emotional, social,physical, creative and intellectual development of each child
=) Promote welfare of the children
=) Encourage positive attitudes to self and others and develop confidence and esteem
=) Create opportunities to play
=) Encourage children to explore, appreciate and respect their environment
=) Provide opportunities to stimulate interest and imagination
=) Extend the children's abilities to communicate ideas and feelings in a variety of ways.

At Kintore Nursery, the Staff will value:

=) The individual child
=) Equal opportunities and social justice
=) Partnership with parents, families and carers
=) The importance of the community
=) Education as a lifelong process
=) Previous knowledge and experiences that the children bring with them

Kintore Nursery follows the 3-5 Curriculum guidelines and will provide activities and experiences to promote learning in the following areas:
=) Emotional, personal and social development
=) Communication and language
=) Knowledge and understanding of the world
=) Expressive and aesthetic development
=) Physical develoment and movement

When i looked around the School Nursery, i was sooo happy because even if this is a Public School, wow, very far different from where i came from(here i am again comparing, but you know, i just can't help it!). Public schools in third world countries are just in a deplorable state (not to mention the thorough corruption!) But anyway, i just want to show you how it is in UK. I hope time will come that Public Schools in my country will be like this( or atleast very close to this!) .... and the toilets/washrooms will be like this as well!....


Mummy Sheng said...

public schools in western countries are even better than private schools back home; because they really prioritize children's education. i wonder when public schools in the philippines improve like that?

The Choco Loco said...

hi! this is a very nice school ... it's true what mummy sheng just said ... back here in PI I seldom hear private schools upgrading their educational system ... what they started ... that's it. Can we exchange links? thanks ...