Friday, June 6, 2008

Math Video Lessons for Free

KidsatcomputerYes, i am not joking, this is true! There is a website that offers math video lessons in any areas of mathematics that interest you. Yes, it is definitely free! I just signed up at MathVids, a website dedicated to providing free, high quality, instructional math videos to middle school, high school, and college students. But it is not only dedicated to students in the said levels but also to school administrators as well (school principals, curriculum director,etc.). MathVids has a common goal as that of school administrators and that is wanting the students to understand math, to pass their math classes, and to do well on the math sections of the standardized tests.

This website is also very useful for teachers. I had been a teacher before and i know how frustrating it is when our students don't understand our teaching styles. If you are a math teacher, you can upload your own videos and you just create an opportunity for the students to catch up what they had missed inside the classroom. This gives students an opportunity to supplement the math that you are teaching while learning at their own pace outside of the classroom.

This site is really very useful to the parents. I am not very good at Math, my husband is, but the question is: is his busy schedule can accommodate to the demand of our kids in the future? That i cannot guarantee. So, this website is very helpful for the parents. And another thing: we can save a lot of money for paying professional tutors.

MathVids is a very good option much cheaper and easier than purchasing teaching worksheets, books, manipulatives, and other necessary materials. It is also a better educational alternative.

I am very thankful i found out this site. I really recommend this to everyone. For more insight, check this out: How MathVids Works.

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