Monday, June 2, 2008

What I Love About Britain's Got Talent

Of course, i love the fantastic judges. I love Amanda Holden's sensitivity and down-to-earth character. Uhmm, and not to mention her outstanding outifts! Just "bloody brilliant!". I always love Simon's phenomenal and spontaneous, very frank remarks and Pierce's honest, intelligent observations. The three judges are just perfect making the show a much awaited event in British social media and all over the world in general. And the hosts? They're superb as ever.

But what i really love about this show is the diversity of the acts. It's not just all about singing, or dancing, or acting,etc... It is everything you can imagine! It is fullpacked of talent that it is very,very difficult to judge who will gonna emerge as the winner. And the ultimate winner this year GEORGE SAMPSON? He's just so adorable and he really deserved it, realizing that he never even make it to the semi-final round last year. But he is the teenage boy who never left his dream unattended. He go on and just wow! What a winner! We are very,very delighted with the result. Ah, i also adore the Michael Jackson style dancers! hehehehe. They just make me happy! They emerged as second. And the other performers? I should say they are world class like the Scala. The rest of the finalists are winners in their own field. What more can i say? Just, Wow! what a spine-tingling event!

But the most important thing why i love this show? Because it is multicultural. It is not just about the dancing, the singing, the magic, the martial arts, the outfits, the stunning moves, etc... etc... it is about the spirit of unity in diversity. Look at how a Filipino or a Sheikh Muslim can perform in the British soil! What a broader idea of universality and i am loving it. You cannot find anyone contesting or complaining, "why did he participate, he's not a resident from here? he does not have a british passport?" Wow! Just amazing feeling! Everyone just wanted a good time, a good show and it never failed to deliver that message. The idea of changing the life of a teenage boy who needs money to pay mortgage because he came from a very unstable background? Wow! Just splendid!

I think that this is the essence of this show : turning the life of a person with great talent 360 degrees. It doesn't matter where he came from or what her/his color is --- what matter is the talent that he/she can present in front of the British public,in the British soil and all over world. The essence of the show is changing a life who deserved to be changed forever.

The winner will receive 100,000 pounds(8.6 Million pesos) plus the chance to perfom in front of Prince Charles in a Royal Variety Show. George Sampson together with the other finalists will be doing lots of tours nationwide. We can't wait for them to come to Aberdeen!

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